Orrville, Ohio
Saturday, April 23, 2016
By Mike Swanger

The 2016 season long points races got underway Saturday night at NAPA Wayne County Speedway on VP Racing Fuel night. Two time defending track champion of the Fisher Performance Sprints, Brad Haudenschild of Millersburg would start on the outside front row with Jordan Ryan on the pole and those two would go side by side for the opening lap and after a lap one caution for Troy Kingan and Jason Dolick as those two touched coming out of turn four and into the frontstretch wall. Both had flat tires but would return to the race. On the restart, Ryan made a couple of attempts on the low side of turn two to take the lead but Haudenschild used the extreme highside of the track to start to pull away as Danny Mumaw began to close in on Ryan for second. A caution on lap 13 for a spun Mitch Harble bunched the field back together and the return of the green would see Mumaw powering past Ryan for second as the yellow would fly one lap later for Scott Riley spin. Haudenschild and his Kempthorn Auto Mall, Fire & Ice Pub and All Things Retro ‪#‎38k‬ opened up a six car length lead as Mumaw would close in on the last two laps and when the checkered flag flew, was right on the rear of Haudenschild’s sprinter. Ryan would hold off a challenge from Chris Myers for third as Harble recovered from his spin to take fifth. Myers and Mumaw claimed the heat wins
In his 52nd year of racing, Blaine Aber started the Harriger Towing Super Late Model feature on the pole and set the pace for the first two laps before Brad Malcuit would take over the top spot as lap four would see Ashland’s Ryan Markham take over second from Aber. On the restart following a caution for Justin Collett, Mike Bores and Matt Irey worked their way into third and fourth to join Malcuit and Markham for the lead. Markham would secure the lead from Malcuit on lap ten and then start to expand his lead aboard the H&T Demolition, Harriger Towing and Innovative Graphics ‪#‎5m‬. At the halfway mark, Irey would slip past Bores for third and two circuits later captured second from Malcuit and tried to chase down Markham but could not make a serious run to catch the 5 time NAPA WCS champion. Malcuit held on to third in front of Bores as Larry Bellman finished fifth. Markham, who is in his 25th year of racing and Bores topped the heats. Defending track champ Doug Drown blew an engine while leading the 1st heat and did not start the feature.
Streetsboro’s Tyler Thompson made it hard on himself when he spun while leading on the opening lap of the Action Auto Body Super Stock main and went to the tail but was helped with six other cautions in the first 8 laps of the feature. Third starting Gary Hensel Jr, would be the leader for the opening 8 laps but on the restart on lap eight, Brandon Gardner would power past Hensel Jr. in turn two to take control of the race but as he went down the frontstretch on lap 13, Gardner’s power plant went up in smoke, ending his chances at a win. On the final restart, Hensel Jr. had reinherited the lead with Thompson and his Action Auto Body, Nella Enterprises and Ofex of Ohio, ‪#‎T2‬ in second . As they took the white flag, they made contact and Hensel Jr wiggled as Thompson as against the guardrail but slipped past for the win with Hensel Jr in second followed by Tyler Nicely, Cliff Staley and Todd Sherwin. Eric Eicholtz won the 1st heat but was dq’ed for being to light at the scales as Nicely was awarded the win with Thompson the other heat winner.
Alan Dellinger and heat winner and defending Kar Connection Rush Late Model champ, Charlie Duncan would start on the front row and Duncan set the pace for the opening five laps when he suffered a flat tire. When the green flag reappeared, Lexington’s Justin Chance picked off Dellinger, Jamie Wrightsman and Ryan Markham on the ensuing lap and then lead the rest of the way for the win aboard the State Farm Insurance, Innovative Graphics and Accu Force Shocks #01. It would be a battle for top five finishes following Chance as Dellinger would drop out with a flat tire as first time visitor Will Thomas took second away from Markham with four laps to go only to have Markham reclaimed with two to go and finish second with Thomas in third. Duncan recovered for fourth with Wrightsman in fifth.
The WQKT Mini Stocks would start their season out with the 1st of five ‘Summer Series’ races with Directional Hydraulics sponsoring the $300 to win feature. Millersburg’s Dale Beckett and his Kaufman Country Market and M & S Concrete #4 started on the pole and would lead the caution free 15 laps to pocket the win. It did not come easy for Beckett as Casey Butler hounded him all race long but could never get past the winner. Zach Chaffin ran a strong third with moving up from his 8th starting position to take fourth as Moose Workman filled out the top five. Brad Hensel, Wes Staley, Doug Hensel and Butler won the heat races as Dustin Bedlion paced the last chance race.
Scott Delaney went flag to flag to win the Flat Track Cart feature with Chuck Conway, Eric Eicholtz, Mike Winters and Coty Conway following. Delaney and Chuck Conway won the heats.
Next Saturday night, April 30th, will see another regular night of racing with all six divisions in action with the Kar Connection Rush Late Models starting their ‘Summer Series’ with $800 to win feature.
Check out the website at www.waynecountyspeedway.com for more information about the speedway.

Saturday, April 23, 2016
Heat 1 Chris Myers, Nick Patterson, Andre Layfield, Scott Riley, Andy Fike, Mitch Harble
Heat 2 Danny Mumaw, Jordan Ryan, Brad Haudenschild, Troy Kingan, Jamie Myers, Jason Dolick
Feature Brad Haudenschild, Danny Mumaw, Jordan Ryan, Chris Myers, Mitch Harble, Andre Layfield, Jamie Myers, Nick Patterson, Jason Dolick, Troy Kingan, Andy Fike, Scott Riley

Heat 1 Ryan Markham, Blaine Aber, Ken Hahn, Cody Scott, Drew Smith, Doug Drown, Rick Bond
Heat 2 Mike Bores, Brad Malcuit, Larry Bellman, Matt Irey, Jerry Aber, Randy Davis, Justin Collett
Feature Ryan Markham, Matt Irey, Brad Malcuit, Mike Bores, Larry Bellman, Cody Scott, Rick Bond, Ken Hahn, Jerry Aber, Drew Smith, Randy Davis, Blaine Aber, Justin Collett, Doug Drown dns

Heat 1 Tyler Nicely, Cliff Staley, Paul Kern, Brandon Gardner, Eric Eicholtz dq’ed, Todd Sherwin dns
Heat 2 Tyler Thompson, Gary Hensel Jr., Chris Albright, Jordan James, Tod Beviloqua, Ryan Leathers
Feature Tyler Thompson, Gary Hensel Jr., Tyler Nicely, Cliff Staley, Todd Sherwin, Paul Kern, Jordan James, Tod Beviloqua, Ryan Leathers, Brandon Gardner, Chris Albright, Eric Eicholtz dns

Heat 1 Charlie Duncan, Jamie Wrightsman, Ryan Markham, Alan Dellinger, Justin Chance, Will Thomas, Josh Stoica, Jim Nicely, Hiram Bachman, Chase Alexander
Feature Justin Chance, Ryan Markham, Will Thomas, Charlie Duncan, Jamie Wrightsman, Jim Nicely, Chase Alexander, Hiram Bachman, Josh Stoica, Alan Dellinger

Heat 1 Brad Hensel, Zach Chaffin, Cory Staley, Brian Tomblin, Dustin Bedlion, Fred Snyder, Richard Retton
Heat 2 Wes Staley, Dale Beckett, Jerry Adkins, Chris Priebe, Jeff Barker, Jim Burns, Mitch Reichard
Heat 3 Doug Hensel, Moose Workman, Stephen Crowe, Jeff Edwards, Dakota Wells, Briana Hensel, Jess Hensel
Heat 4 Casey Butler, Rick Bays, Braden Wert, Mike Maylor, David Keagy, Jordan James
B Main Dustin Bedlion, Jeff Barker, Dakota Wells, Mitch Reichard, Briana Hensel, Jim Burns, Jess Hensel, Richard Retton, Fred Snyder, Jordan James dns, David Keagy dns
Feature Dale Beckett, Casey Butler, Zach Chaffin, Doug Hensel, Moose Workman, Wes Staley, Brad Hensel, Stephen Crowe, Jerry Adkins, Dakota Wells, Mitch Reichard, Dustin Bedlion, Brian Tomblin, Chris Priebe, Cory Staley, Jeff Edwards, Jeff Barker, Rick Bays, Braden Wert dns, Mike Maylor dns
Heat 1 Scott Delaney, Dylan Widdowson, Austin Johnson, Coty Conway, Jamie Johnson, Mike Winters, Jack Lamborn
Heat 2 Chuck Conway, Eric Eicholtz, Darrell Conkle, Brandon Gardner, Alec Ousley, Ron Jeffers, Ethan Rutherford, Zach Myers
Feature Scott Delaney, Chuck Conway, Eric Eicholtz, Mike Winters, Coty Conway, Ron Jeffers, Brandon Gardner, Darrell Conkle, Jack Lamborn, Austin Johnson, Jamie Johnson, Ethan Rutherford, Zach Myers, Alec Ousley

Jac Haudenschild Wins At NAPA AUTO PARTS Wayne County Speedway



Orrville, Ohio

Saturday, April 16, 2016

By Tyler Altmeyer, RoD, & Mike Swanger
In front of a full house on opening night at NAPA Wayne County Speedway, the “Wild Child” Jac Haudenschild lived up to his prestige on Saturday night as he swept the entire Arctic Cat All Star program in fantastic fashion. The Wooster driver kicked off the evening by setting a new track record of 14.125 seconds during qualifying and then won his heat race, the dash and led all 30 laps of the $5,000 to win main event. Haudenschild’s Arctic Cat All Star win was the 1st of his career at NAPA Wayne County Speedway, raising the overall bar to 29 victories with the series during his storied career. The pilot of the Jamie Miller owned #6 utilized the very topside of the speedway, earning the victory by 2.221 second over Danny Holtgraver and defending Arctic Cat All Star champion Dale Blaney.

“We’ve been struggling a little bit, but this certainly feels good,” explained Jac Haudenschild in victory lane. “Always feels great coming back here and it always feels great to get a win. Jamie Miller always comes through for me. With a little help from Bonzai Bruns and the crew, we got this thing together in time for tonight. This is really special. I’ve always loved coming to Wayne County Speedway. Hopefully we can get back here and do it again soon.”

Pittsburgh’s Danny Holtgraver followed Jac Haudenschild to the checkers on Saturday night. The pilot of the Pete Grove owned Premiere Motorsports #70 started 4th on the feature grid, but raced inside the top three the entire 30 lap distance. “Downtown” battled for the final podium spot for the first 15 circuits, racing close behind Jac and Sheldon Haudenschild until inheriting the runner up spot during a lap 16 caution.

On lap 16, while chasing his father through traffic, Sheldon Haudenschild made contact with a lapped car, bringing the Haudenschild Racing, Southern Pacific Farms #93 to a stop between turns three and four. The five time Arctic Cat All Star winner in 2015 would be forced to restart at the tail of the field after starting on the front row beside his dad.

The Renegade of Modifieds ‘Heritage 101’ would wrap up their three race weekend and despite the evident signs of attrition that took its toll on the trimmed down car count, the race action was excellent. The night got off to a fast start as Jacob Hawkins set a new track record of 18.027 seconds and then went out and won heat one while second heat was a barn burner between Las Cruces New Mexico’s brothers Johnny and Stormy Scott as they would go side by side all race long with Johnny winning at the line.

Jacob Hawkins won the redraw to start on the pole of the 25 lap feature with Johnny Scott along side as those two were separated by just 13 points as they battled for the overall three race prize. Hawkins grabbed the lead at the drop of the green flag but Scott quickly pulled along side and the would go back and forth with the lead as Scott would take the higher line around the speedway to take the lead for good on lap 14 and go on to put the Ranch Milagro Racing, Allgayer Inc. and Mizsilla Valley Transport #1st in victory circle for the second night in a row. Stormy Scott finished third with Rich Michael Jr and DJ Cline filled out the top five.

Hawkins held on to the points win and on the front stretch after the race, elected to take the $10,101 over the S&P Harley Davidson motorcycle. “As much as I would love to ride this bike back to Fairmont WV., I’m happy to announce that me and my wife have a baby on the way, so I have to take the cash”.

The Action Auto Body Super Stocks saw their first action of the season with Applecreek’s Gary Hensel Jr. leading all 15 laps of the caution marred feature. The Lochvale Farms, DJ Directional, and J&M Carpentry #28h of Hensel Jr. started on the pole with Frank Oriti along side. A couple of cautions in the first four laps for spun cars kept the field bunched together plus Tyler Thompson got sideways while running third and collected Chaz O’Dell and Jordan James with those two having to be hauled back to the pits. As the green flag waved again, Oriti would try to squeeze underneath of Hensel Jr on lap five in turn four as both would spin. Oriti was charged with the caution and Hensel Jr. held on to the lead. Early contenders Chase Alexander, Brandon Gardner and Tyler Nicely had mechanical issues as they dropped out midway in the race. Tyler Thompson recovered from his early spin to finish second with Paul Kern, Cliff Staley and Chris Albright rounding out the top five. Heat winners were Alexander and Hensel Jr.

The season long points battle for the Fisher Performance Sprints, the Harriger Towing Super Late Models, the Action Auto Body Super Stocks, the Kar Konnection Rush Late Models and the WQKT Mini Stocks, who will be running the 1st of their ‘Summer Series’ races with $300 to win, along with the Flat Track Carts will begin next Saturday, April 23 at NAPA WCS.


Saturday, April 16, 2016


Quick Timer Jac Haudenschild 14.125 (ntr)

Heat 1 Jac Haudenschild, Rob Chaney, Caleb Armstrong, Brent Marks, Danny Holtgraver, Lee Jacobs, Hunter Schuerenburg, Shawn Dancer, Joe Kubiniec, Kraig Kinser

Heat 2 Sheldon Haudenschild, Cap Henry, Kory Crabtree, Brandon Spithaler, TJ Michael, Ryan Smith, Caleb Helms, Travis Philo, Andrew Palker, Troy Kingan

Heat 3 Chad Kemenah, Tim Shaffer, Dale Blaney, Brad Haudenschild, Cole Duncan, Tyler Courtney, Danny Mumaw, Nick Patterson, Brad Howard, Bryan Sebetto dns, Mitch Harble dns

Dash Jac Haudenschild, Sheldon Haudenschild, Dale Blaney, Danny Holtgraver, Cap Henry, Rob Chaney, Caleb Armstrong, Cole Duncan

B Main Caleb Helms, Andrew Palker, Hunter Schuerenburg, Travis Philo, Danny Mumaw, Brad Howard, Kraig Kinser, Joe Kubiniec, Nick Patterson, Troy Kingan, Shawn Dancer, Bryan Sebetto, Mitch Harble dns

Feature Jac Haudenschild, Danny Holtgraver, Dale Blaney, Chad Kemenah, Cap Henry, Cole Duncan, Tim Shaffer, Rob Chaney, Brent Marks, Brad Haudenschild, Caleb Armstrong, TJ Michael, Sheldon Haudenschild, Kory Crabtree, Caleb Helms, Ryan Smith, Tyler Courtney, Danny Mumaw, Travis Philo, Brandon Spithaler, Lee Jacobs, Andrew Palker, Hunter Schuerenburg, Brad Howard


Quick Timer Jacob Hawkins 18.027 (ntr)

Heat 1 Jacob Hawkins, Rich Michael Jr., Jesse Wisecarver, Kevin Miller, Justin Hart

Heat 2 Johnny Scott, Stormy Scott, Denny Benjamin, DJ Cline

Feature Johnny Scott, Jacob Hawkins, Stormy Scott, Rich Michael Jr., DJ Cline, Jesse Wisecarver, Denny Benjamin, Kevin Miller, Justin Hart


Heat 1 Chase Alexander, Frank Oriti, Tyler Thompson, Brandon Gardner, Cliff Staley, Chris Albright, Jordan James, Paul Kern

Heat 2 Gary Hensel Jr., Chaz O’Dell, Tyler Nicely, Tod Bevilocqua, Don Rutt, TA Perrine, Jim Nicely dns, Ryan Leathers dns

Feature Gary Hensel Jr., Tyler Thompson, Paul Kern, Cliff Staley, Chris Albright, Tod Bevilocqua, Frank Oriti, Chase Alexander, Brandon Gardner, Ryan Leathers, Tyler Nicely, Jordan James, Chaz O’Dell, Don Rutt, TA Perrine dns, Jim Nicely dns

2016 Season Pass’s Available

ad 2 2016

If you would like to Purchase a Season Pass or Parking Spot. Please Send check to Wayne County Speedway 209 Pine St Creston OH 44217. General Admission $200 – Pit Pass $400 – Parking Spot $100

Four Sprint Series Highlight 2016 Season

all star sprint cars
For Immediate Release
Orrville, Ohio
By Mike Swanger
  The 2016 racing season schedule for NAPA Wayne County Speedway is out and the Fisher Performance Sprints will see eleven big races on the docket as Tony Stewart’s Arctic Cat All Stars will invade four times this season while the Mo Vaughn Transport BOSS wingless sprints return with two shows. The newly formed Ohio Sprint Car Series ( OSCS) will roll in for three $2,500 to win races and the Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association has two dates set.
  The Harriger Towing Super Late Models will have four big dates with the second annual Buckeye Late Model Dirt Week returning while the 3rd annual Attica Raceway Park/ NAPA Wayne County Speedway challenge will have three races at each track this year.
  New this year will be the Summer Series for the Car Connection Rush Late Models, the Action Autobody Super Stocks and the WQKT Mini Stocks. These will be a series of races for each class that will pay more money and will have a separate points standings that will pay the top three in the points.
  Opening night will be Saturday, April 9th with a regular show for all the class’  with the first of five Summer Series races for the Mini Stocks paying $300 to win. The All Stars will be in for the 1st time the next Saturday, April 16th with $5,000 to win 30 lap feature. Joining them that night will be the Renegades of Dirt Modifieds as they will be wrapping up a three race American Heritage week end with the driver collecting the most points receiving $10,000 or a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Each of the features at the three tracks will pay the winner $1,101. The Super Stocks will be on the racing card that night also. The second time the All Stars visit NAPA WCS will be on Saturday, June 4th and the Sweeney Rush Late Model tour will add to the racing program that night.
  The annual Speedweek show for the All Stars is set for Monday, June 20th for the Duffy Smith Memorial. The Super Stocks will be the support class that night for one of their Summer Series race and this one will pay $1,000 to win. The final trip to NAPA WCS for the All Stars will be a big one on Sunday, September 4th for the Pete Jacobs Memorial and it will be a $10,000 to win feature.
  The BOSS wingless sprints make their first appearance on Saturday, May 21st and then again on Saturday, August 13th as both shows will have the Fisher Performance sprints for a sprint car doubleheaders. The Rush Late Models and the Super Stocks will also be on the racing card both of those nights.
  The Ohio Sprint Car Series makes it first trip to NAPA WCS on Saturday, May 14th and will return on July 2nd and the 30th. The OSCS has about 25 racing dates at tracks all around Ohio for it’s first season of operation. Super Late Models, Rush Late Models, Super Stocks and Mini Stocks will be competing on those nights also.
   Also hauling in for two shows will be the Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association on Saturday May 28th and again as a companion class to the July 23rd Late Model speedweek show.
   The Super Late Model Speedweek show will be the Don Gross Memorial that will pay $4,000 to win. Once again Attica Raceway Park and NAPA WCS has teamed up again for the Late Model Challenge as this season each track will have three race dates instead of four. ARP’s dates will be Friday’s May 6th, July 8th and Saturday, Sept 3rd while NAPA WCS races will be Saturday, May 7th, July 9th and during the Blowout on September 24th. Each race will pay the winner $1200 plus the points will pay the top three positions of $500, $300 and $200 plus the driver winning the most heat races will get $250 off a wrap from Innovative Graphics.
   Some extra incentive for the Rush Late Models in their 4 race Summer Series will begin on April 30th with $800 to win and race again on August 13th and during the Blowout on September 24th. The big race of their series will be on June 4th with the tour that will pay $1500 to win. Pay off for the top three in points for those four races will be $300 to win, $200 for second and third gets $100.
   For the Super Stocks, their Summer Series will get off to a late but big start with the first race on All Star Speedweek Monday with $1,000 to win. Their other race will be on July 16th, August 20th and during the Blowout on September 24th. The points payout for them will be the same as the Rush Late Models.
  Five races will determine the winner of the Mini Stock Summer Series as they start right off on opening night with the first of four $300 to win features. The others will be on May 28, August 6th and the Blowout in September. On July 16th, the winner will pocket a $1,000 for the Mini Stocks. The points pay off will be $200 to win, $100 for second and $50 for third.
   Some changes have and are in the process at the track that include a bigger and double tiered handicap section in front of the family section plus gravel has been laid behind the grandstand walk area and repairs to the restrooms. In the pit area, a new concrete pad for the scales has been poured just as the cars come off the track.
   For a complete look at the schedule and new rules, go to the website at www.waynecountyspeedway.com or at facebook/waynecountyspeedway.