Orrville, Ohio
Saturday, August 6, 2016
By Mike Swanger
As the last month of the regular season starts up at NAPA Wayne County Speedway, the points battle for the championships are close and the racing Saturday night continues that way also. On Twin State Auto Racing club night, the Fisher Performance Sprints kicked off the action with Jordan Ryan taking his pole position starting spot and grabbing the lead but a red flag for outside front row starter Shawn Hubler on the start of lap two stopped the action. On the restart, Ryan would quickly open up a gap from Jason Dolick and Newark’s Mitch Harble with Harble taking second on lap four and slowly reel in Ryan. A caution on lap 15 grouped the field together and as the green flag waved again, Harble and the Kempthorn Auto Mall, Fire & Ice Pub and Simpson & Ham Signs #38k, used the high side of the track and powered past Ryan coming out of turn two on the 18th circuit and sped away for his second win of the season. Jamie Myers made a late charge to overtake Ryan for second with three laps to go as Danny Mumaw picked his way through the field to claim fourth from his 14th starting spot. Dolick would fend off Nick Patterson for fifth. Heat winners were Harble and Myers.
  Last weeks winner and points leader Brad Malcuit would outrace fellow heat winner and pole sitter Doug Drown, of Wooster, into turn one on the start of the Harriger Towing Super Late Model feature and led the way for the first 8 laps when Drown motored by coming out turn four to take the point on lap 9 and the Hall’s Auto Sales, Kar Connection and Wooster Glass # 240 would drive away for his fifth win of the year at NAPA WCS. The uninterrupted feature finished with Ryan Markham in third followed by JR Gentry and Cody Scott.
  Eric Eicholtz started on the pole of the Action Auto Body Super Stock Main and lead the first lap but the front end of his car broke before he started lap two ending his race. Bob Daugherty would inherit the top spot with Cliff Staley and Canton’s Paul Holmes in tow. With the green flag out again, Holmes wasted no time as he went to the high side of turn one and two and leapfrogged over Staley and Daugherty for the top spot. Points leader Tyler Thompson would also get by Staley, who would cause a caution on the third lap as Tyler Nicely would take over fourth. Daugherty was looking at every angle to try to reclaim the lead from Holmes and was able to pull alongside going down the backstretch on the white flag lap but the yellow waved to negate that move. The final lap would see Holmes and his #68 machine hold off Daugherty’s last charge as Holmes collected his 4th win this season. Gary Hensel Jr. came from his 15th starting position and came up short of taking third from Thompson as Jordan James pocketed fifth. Staley, Holmes and Daugherty scored the heat wins.
  The Kar Connection Rush Late Model feature was a nail biter of a race as the top five were all within three car lengths of each other for the majority of the race with Alan Dellinger leading the opening two laps when first time visitor Jason Fosnaught took over for a lap before Millersburg’s Charlie Duncan took over for a lap before Fosnaught reclaimed the point. Dellinger, points leader Justin Chance and Matt Aber joined the two front runners as they swapped positions every lap. Duncan and his Hall’s Auto Sales, Kar Connection and Auto Pro #240 would keep harassing Fosnaught by using the low groove and finally grabbed the lead on lap 14. Aber was charging hard in third place but on lap 16 made contact with Fosnaught and sent him spinning to bring out the caution as Aber was sent to the tail. The double file restart would have both Dellinger and Chance slipping past Fosnaught with Duncan pulling away with the lead. Dellinger kept Chance at bay on the last lap to finish in the runner up position as Aber charged back to take fifth behind Fosnaught. Heat wins went to Aber and Dellinger.
  The last race of the night was the ‘Summer Series’ race presented by All American Excavating for the WQKT Mini Stocks. Killbuck’s Chris Priebe would lead every lap for his first win but it was highly contested all race long. Moose Workman was the first to make the challenge for the lead as he gave way to points leader Brad Hensel. His run at the lead only lasted one lap as he went off the back straight away into the retaining tire to end his night while Workman pulled off before the race went back to green. A caution flag with two laps to go put the field in double file alignment and as the race restarted a lot of contact was made between the front runners but everyone kept going with Doug Hensel and Rod Daugherty momentarily getting past Priebe but he regrouped and shot by those to coming out of turn two and recapture the lead and grab the checker flag. Daugherty edged out Doug Hensel for second as Mitch Reichard and Wes Staley filled out the top five. Priebe, Brad Hensel and Daugherty notched the heat wins.
  The Contingency Connection Racer Rewards worth over $100,000 for the year and the drivers were also competing for the weekly amount of awards again last night at NAPA WCS.
  Next Saturday night, August 13 will see a double header of Sprint Car action as the Fisher Performance Sprints and the BOSS Wingless Sprints will be in action along with a ‘Summer Series’ race for the Kar Connection Rush Late Models and the Action Auto Body Super Stocks on the racing card. The Harriger Towing Super Late Models and the WQKT Mini Stock have the night off.
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Saturday, August 6, 2016
Heat   1   Mitch Harble, Shawn Hubler, Nick Patterson, Tyler Dunn, Aaron Middaugh, Rick Holley, Jeremy Duposki, Dylan Kingan
Heat   2   Jamie Myers, Jordan Ryan, Jason Dolick, Jim Taddeo, Troy Kingan, Shawn Minor, Danny Mumaw, Kris Davis dns
Feature   Mitch Harble, Jamie Myers, Jordan Ryan, Danny Mumaw, Jason Dolick, Nick Patterson, Aaron Middaugh, Jim Taddeo, Tyler Dunn, Troy Kingan, Jeremy Duposki, Kris Davis, Shawn Minor, Dylan Kingan, Rick Holley, Shawn Hubler
Heat   1   Doug Drown, Jim Nicely, Jerry Aber, Kirk Baker, Blaine Aber, Jason Skelly
Heat   2   Brad Malcuit, JR Gentry, Ryan Markham, Cody Scott, Larry Bellman, Rick Bond
Feature   Doug Drown, Brad Malcuit, Ryan Markham, JR Gentry, Cody Scott, Rick Bond, Jerry Aber, Blaine Aber, Larry Bellman, Kirk Baker, Jim Nicely, Jason Skelly
Heat   1   Cliff Staley, Tyler Nicely, Jordan James, Don Rutt, Dustin Daugherty, Gary Hensel Jr.
Heat   2   Paul Holmes, Eric Eicholtz, Jim Nicely, Tod Beviloqua, Bubba Smith, Chris Albright
Heat   3   Bob Daugherty, Chase Alexander, Tyler Thompson, Todd Sherwin, Brandon Craver, Ryan Leathers dns
Feature   Paul Holmes, Bob Daugherty, Tyler Thompson, Gary Hensel Jr., Jordan James, Brandon Craver, Bubba Smith, Todd Sherwin, Chris Albright, Tyler Nicely, Tod Beviloqua, Cliff Staley, Jim Nicely, Ryan Leathers, Don Rutt, Eric Eicholtz, Dustin Daugherty dns
Heat   1   Matt Aber, Charlie Duncan, Justin Chance, Greg Beach, Mike Swansiger, Bob Fry
Heat   2   Alan Dellinger, Jason Fosnaught, Mitch Basich, Scott Delaney, Josh Stoica
Feature   Charlie Duncan, Alan Dellinger, Justin Chance, Jason Fosnaught, Matt Aber, Greg Beach, Bob Fry, Scott Delaney, Mike Swansiger, Josh Stoica, Mitch Basich
Heat   1   Chris Priebe, Moose Workman, Doug Hensel, Braden Wert, Briana Hensel, Rick Bays
Heat   2   Brad Hensel, Mitch Reichard, Wes Staley, Corey Staley, Jess Hensel, Brian Tomblin
Heat   3   Rod Daugherty, Stephen Crowe, Ken Steele, Jim Burns, Colton Priebe, Richard Retton
Feature   Chris Priebe, Rod Daugherty, Doug Hensel, Mitch Reichard, Wes Staley, Stephen Crowe, Braden Wert, Briana Hensel, Jess Hensel, Jim Burns, Ken Steele, Corey Staley, Rick Bays, Moose Workman, Brad Hensel, Richard Retton, Brian Tomblin, Colton Priebe dns

July 30th 2016 Results

Orrville, Ohio
Saturday, July 30, 2016
By Mike Swanger
  Despite heavy rain showers in the late afternoon, the Flory’s decided to go ahead with the racing program Saturday night and the track crew did a great job of getting the race surface of Orrville’s Historic Oval into great racing shape on McDonald’s and Hall’s Auto Sales night. The Ohio Sprint Car Series made their second visit of the year to NAPA WCS as the 28 sprinters were led in qualifying by Carson Macedo’s lap of 14.178 seconds. Picking off the heat wins were Dean Jacobs, Danny Mumaw, Jac Haudenschild, who with Nick Patterson, who is the Fisher Performance points leader at NAPA WCS, put on a crowd standing race as they went back and forth with slide jobs on each other before Haudenschild would win, and Dominic Scelzi. Ryan Broughton captured the last chance win. The 25 lap feature would be brought to the green flag by Patterson and Cole Duncan but quickly came to a stop when Macedo got sideways in turn two with Troy Kingan making contact and flipped. He was ok. Macedo and Broughton both went to the pits for repairs and returned on the tail of the field. As the race restarted, Cole Duncan grabbed the lead with Patterson in second but Haudenschild quickly moved past Patterson on lap three from his 7th starting position and closed in on Duncan. The caution would wave on lap 6 as fifth running Mumaw came to a stop in turn four and at the same time, Patterson, who was still third, pulled off with mechanical problems. Back to green flag action, Duncan could not shake Haudenschild as they pulled away from the pack until a lap 16 yellow for Mumaw again but the big happening during this was that Haudenschild’s motor went sour and he would pull off, ending his chance at repeating his July 2nd win at NAPA WCS. This would move Danny Smith into second with Scelzi in third. As the green returned, Duncan would pull away and the Lockbourne driver would put the Helms Construction and I.S.P.C. #22 into the OSCS victory lane for the third time this season. Smith would hold off Scelzi until the last lap when Scelzi nipped him at the finish line for second. Jacobs would take fourth as 11th starting Wayne McPeek finished out the top five.
   Jerry Aber would grab the opening lap lead of the Harriger Towing Super Late Model main but Strasburg’s Brad Malcuit would power past on the next circuit and open up a good lead until a lap 8 caution for Jason Skelly. Ryan Markham had been picking his way through the field from his 7th starting spot and was in third behind Aber when the caution flew. With the green lights back on, Markham made quick work of Aber, who would slow the action with a spin on lap 11. From that point on to the checkered flag, Malcuit and his Malcuit Tavern and Malcuit Engines #79 would fend off every move that Markham made. Trying the highside and the low groove, Markham could pull alongside in turns two and four but Malcuit would out gas him down the straightaways for his 1st win. JR Gentry took third from Larry Bellman with six circuits to go as with Kirk Baker claiming fifth. Malcuit and Markham scored the heat wins.
  In a season that has been a struggle for the defending track champion, Millersburg’s Charlie Duncan put it all together Saturday night as he went flag to flag for his first Kar Connection Rush Late Model win of the year. Driving the Hall’s Auto Sales, Kar Connection and Auto Pro #240 Duncan would lead by a straightaway for most of the race as two time winner Eric Wilson and Matt Aber who won two weeks ago, dueled for second. Aber would claim second with five to go but all he could do was close the gap a little bit on Duncan. Wilson would keep third as heat winner Alan Dellinger was fourth and points leader Justin Chance was fifth.
   Canton’s Paul Holmes would pop into the lead of the Action Auto Body Super Stock feature at the drop of the green flag but the action would come to a screeching halt as the pack went into turn one starting lap three. Seven cars got tangled up that would eliminate Eric Eicholtz, Chase Alexander, Bob Daugherty, Darren Dawson, Nick Smith and Brandon Craver as Chris Albright was the only one able to continue. On the restart, Holmes would pull away in his #68 as the battle was on for second between Dustin Daugherty, points leader Tyler Thompson and Cliff Staley. Thompson would power past Daugherty with six laps to go but could not track down Holmes. Daugherty and Staley would flip flop positions until Daugherty would claim third for good with three circuits to go. Gary Hensel Jr. rounded out the top five after beginning 12th. Thompson, Brandon Gardner and Chase Alexander topped the heat races.
  Doug Hensel took the lead of the WQKT Mini Stock main from his outside front row starting position for the opening three laps when two time winner Dale Beckett would take over the lead. His lead would last three laps as Smithville’s Brad Hensel would take over. Hensel would the pilot the M & S Concrete, Joy Ride Transportation and DJ Directional Service #28 to victory circle for the fifth time this season and expand his points lead. Colton St John and Chris Priebe would also get by Beckett on lap seven and would hound Hensel for the top spot but never could get by St John would be the runner up as Priebe settled for third followed by Beckett and Mitch Reichard. Heat winners were Brad Hensel, Michael Workman and Beckett as Braden Wert took the last chance win.
   Brandon Gardner was the winner of the Flat Track Cart feature.
   Drivers were once again chasing after over $100,000 of yearly prizes in the Contingency Connection Racer Rewards programs.
   Racing continues next Saturday, August 6 with all regular divisions in action with the WQKT Mini Stocks competing for their next to last Summer Series race. Check the website out at for all the latest on the speedway.
Saturday, July 30, 2016
Fast Qualifier   Carson Macedo   14.178 seconds
Heat   1   Dean Jacobs, Carson Macedo, Shawn Hubler, Troy Kingan, Josh Davis, Brandon Conkel, Tyler Dunn
Heat   2   Danny Mumaw, Danny Smith, Jordan Ryan, Clay Riney, Nate Reeser, Ryan Broughton, Butch Beasley
Heat   3   Jac Haudenschild, Nick Patterson, Wayne McPeek, Ryan Myers, David Smith, Dylan Kingan, Ray Miller
Heat   4   Dominic Scelzi, Cole Duncan, Jason Dolick, Mitch Harble, George Prosser, Kris Davis, Cecil Lane dns
‘B’Main   Ryan Broughton, Josh Davis, David Smith, Brandon Conkel, Tyler Dunn, Nate Reeser, George Prosser, Kris Davis, Dylan Kingan, Butch Beasley, Cecil Lane dns
Feature   Cole Duncan, Dominic Scelzi, Danny Smith, Dean Jacobs, Wayne McPeek, Carson Macedo, Jordan Ryan, Mitch Harble, Ryan Broughton, Jason Dolick, Clay Riney, Shawn Hubler, Ryan Myers, Danny Mumaw, David Smith, Jac Haudenschild, Brandon Conkel, Nick Patterson, Josh Davis, Troy Kingan
Heat   1   Brad Malcuit, Craig Wolford, Larry Bellman, Rick Bond, Blaine Aber, Jim Nicely, Brandon Leyda
Heat   2   Ryan Markham, JR Gentry, Kirk Baker, Jerry Aber, Jason Skelly, Andrew Myers
Feature   Brad Malcuit, Ryan Markham, JR Gentry, Larry Bellman, Kirk Baker, Rick Bond, Craig Wolford, Jim Nicely, Blaine Aber, Jerry Aber, Jason Skelly, Brandon Leyda, Andrew Myers
Heat   1   Alan Dellinger, Eric Wilson, Charlie Duncan, Justin Chance, Matt Aber, Josh Stoica, Scott Delaney
Feature   Charlie Duncan, Matt Aber, Eric Wilson, Alan Dellinger, Justin Chance, Scott Delaney, Josh Stoica
Heat   1   Tyler Thompson, Tyler Nicely, Dustin Daugherty, Chris Albright, Don Baney, Nick Smith, Tod Beviloqua
Heat   2   Brandon Gardner, Paul Holmes, Todd Sherwin, Brad Eagle, Don Rutt, Steve Ott, Tom Fisher dns
Heat   3   Chase Alexander, Eric Eicholtz, Cliff Staley, Gary Hensel Jr., Darren Dawson, Jordan James, Brandon Craver, Bob Daugherty
Feature   Paul Holmes, Tyler Thompson, Dustin Daugherty, Cliff Staley, Gary Hensel Jr., Todd Sherwin, Tyler Nicely, Chris Albright, Tod Beviloqua, Steve Ott, Brad Eagle, Don Rutt, Tom Fisher, Chase Alexander, Don Baney, Nick Smith, Eric Eicholtz, Bob Daugherty, Brandon Craver, Darren Dawson, Brandon Gardner, Jordan James dns
Heat   1   Brad Hensel, Mitch Reichard, Chris Priebe, Stephen Crowe, Zach Chaffin, Braden Wert, Cory Mills, Cory Staley, Rick Bays
Heat   2   Michael Workman, Colton St. John, Doug Hensel, Brian Dawson, Jess Hensel, Briana Hensel, Jim Burns, Ken Steele
Heat   3   Dale Beckett, Matt Miller, Dakota Wells, Colton Priebe, Wes Staley, Brent Boreman, Brian Tomblin, Richard Retton
‘B’Main   Braden Wert, Cory Mills, Jim Burns, Brian Tomblin, Briana Hensel, Ken Steele, Brent Boreman, Rick Bays, Richard Retton dns, Cory Staley dns
Feature   Brad Hensel, Colton St.John, Chris Priebe, Dale Beckett, Mitch Reichard, Colton Priebe, Stephen Crowe, Brian Dawson, Matt Miller, Dakota Wells, Jess Hensel, Brian Tomblin, Jim Burns, Briana Hensel, Doug Hensel, Wes Staley, Michael Workman, Braden Wert, Cory Mills, Zach Chaffin dns
Feature   Brandon Gardner, Daryl Conkle, #21, Ethan Rutherford

July 23rd Results 2016

moran 2016
Orrville, Ohio
Saturday, July 23, 2016
By Mike Swanger
  The racing on the track was as hot as the temperature with action very competitive for the 2nd annual STARS Buckeye Late Model speedweek show with a $4,000 to win Don Gross Memorial. The night would start out with Doug Drown setting the fast time for the second night in a row as last years winner, Duane Chamberlain, Max Blair and Devin Moran, who would come from fourth place, after having a wild qualifying attempt that nearly rolled his car, would score the heat wins with Aussie Paul Stubber topping the last chance race. Five time track champion Ryan Markham and Rod Conley would bring the field to the green flag of the 40 lap feature as Drown would move right into second as he and Markham would go back and forth for the first 4 circuits with Markham scored the leader at the line each lap. Chamberlain would back it a three car battle for the couple of laps when the caution would fly for opening night winner, Tyler Carpenter, who had a flat tire. Chamberlain would take second on lap 11 and flirted with the lead but Markham would continue to be the leader. The caution would once again wave on lap 15 for Brad Malcuit. The line up would stay status quo on the restart until lap 22 when Drown would reclaim 2nd from Chamberlain as Moran would start to become a factor as he took third from Chamberlain and two laps later swiped second from Drown as Jeff Babcock moved ahead of Chamberlain on lap 27. After setting the pace for the opening 28 laps, Markham lost the lead to Moran on lap 29, who would start to pull away as Babcock would move into third in front of Drown. As Moran went down the back stretch on lap 33, he slowed and came to a stop on the front stretch with a broken rear end. Markham would re inherit the lead with Babcock on his rear bumper as tenth starting Zach Dohm was putting the heat on Drown for third and took that position away with four laps to go. Up front, Babcock would do a slider move on Markham in turns three and four as the white flag was in the air. Heading around for the last time, Babcock would hold off Markham’s last move and put the Wayne, Ohio based Best Performance Motorsports, Bulk Material Lift .com and  CRE/Rocket #7b into victory circle. Markham would finish second with Dohm in third as Drown claimed fourth. Corey Conley was fifth.
  After a couple of rain outs, the OVSCA Sprints made their first visit to NAPA WCS as Mitch Harble would take the lead from his outside pole position as Fremont’s DJ Foos would grab second from his 5th starting spot. Foos would waste little time taking over the point, as he took the lead on lap three and opened up a comfortable lead as Jordan Ryan worked his way past Harble on lap nine. The caution flag waved on lap 17 as track points leader Danny Mumaw and Chris Myers were involved in a spin with Mumaw going on the hook to end his night as Myers was able to continue. With the race back to green, Ryan made an early run at Foos for the lead, who would pull away aboard the General Contractors, Fremont Fab and Kistler Engines #23. Harble held on to third with Brandon Conkel and Andre Layfield filling out the top five. Harble, Layfield and Ryan posted the heat wins with Nick Patterson besting the last chance race.
  Last weeks winner Bob Daugherty and 5 time winner and points leader Tyler Thompson would bring the Action Auto Body Super Stocks to the green flag with Daugherty seizing the lead. After a couple of cautions in the opening laps, Daugherty of Mansfield would separate himself from the field as Paul Holmes and Chase Alexander would power past Thompson on lap four for second and third. A yellow on lap 11 would bunch the field back up, but Daugherty and his Char’s Cars, McKenzie Concrete and Innovative Graphics #21d would once again pull away. Tyler Nicely slid past Thompson for fourth on the restart and on the next circuit around Orrville’s Historic Oval, Alexander took second from Holmes but could not track down Daugherty in the closing laps. Holmes held off Nicely for third as Thompson settled for fifth. Both Daugherty and Thompson won their fourth heat races of the season.
   Contingency Connection’s Racer Rewards nightly awards plus the yearly awards that total over $100,000 were once again being competed for by the drivers at NAPA WCS.
   Next Saturday night, July 30, will Be Kids Night with many activities and prizes going on for the kids. Watch the website at and facebbok/waynecountyspeedway for all the things happening for the kids. Racing action will see the Ohio Sprint Car Series in the spot light with a $2,500 to win feature. Jac Haudenschild was the winner of the July 2nd race at NAPA WCS. The Harriger Towing Super Late Models, the Kar Connection Rush Late Models, the Action Auto Body Super Stocks, the WQKT Sports Country 104.5 Mini Stocks and the Flat Track Carts all will be in action also. Gates will open at 3 pm.
Saturday, July 23, 2016
Fast Qualifier  Doug Drown  17.131 seconds
Heat   1   Duane Chamberlain, Doug Drown, Rick Bond, Zach Dohm, Chris Shannon, JR Gentry, Jerry Aber, Kirk Baker, Jim Nicely
Heat   2   Max Blair, Ryan Markham, Corey Conley, Tyler Carpenter, Jason Montgomery, Brad Malcuit, Paul Stubber, Blaine Aber, Jeremy Berwanger
Heat   3   Devin Moran, Rod Conley, Jeff Babcock, Jeremy Misel, Allan Baker, Scott Smith, Larry Bellman, Jason Skelly
‘B’Main   Paul Stubber, Kirk Baker, Larry Bellman, Jim Nicely, Blaine Aber, Jerry Aber, Jason Skelly
Don Gross Memorial Feature   Jeff Babcock, Ryan Markham, Zach Dohm, Doug Drown, Corey Conley, Tyler Carpenter, Duane Chamberlain, Max Blair, Jason Montgomery, Rod Conley, Chris Shannon, Brad Malcuit, Rick Bond, Paul Stubber, Jeremy Misel, Kirk Baker, Jim Nicely, Larry Bellman, Devin Moran, Scott Smith, Blaine Aber, Allan Baker, JR Gentry, Jerry Aber
Heat   1   Mitch Harble, Roger Campbell, Brandon Conkel, Dave Dickson, Dylan Kingan, Kris Davis, Butch Beasley, Andy Fike
Heat   2   Andre Layfield, Danny Mumaw, DJ Foos, Chris Myers, Clay Riney, Nick Patterson, Troy Kingan, Lane Cecil
Heat   3   Jordan Ryan, Jason Dolick, George Prosser, Shawn Hubler, Randy Fink, Tyler Dunn, Jamie Myers dns
‘B’Main   Nick Patterson, Troy Kingan, Tyler Dunn, Kris Davis, Butch Beasley, Andy Fike, Lane Cecil, Jamie Myers dns
Feature   DJ Foos, Jordan Ryan, Mitch Harble, Brandon Conkel, Andre Layfield, Dave Dickson, Roger Campbell, Nick Patterson, Shawn Hubler, Jason Dolick, George Prosser, Troy Kingan, Chris Myers, Clay Riney, Tyler Dunn, Randy Fink, Kris Davis, Butch Beasley, Dylan Kingan, Danny Mumaw
Heat   1   Tyler Thompson, Gary Hensel Jr., Chase Alexander, Jim Nicely, Darren Dawson, Tom Fisher, Steve Ott, Jordan James
Heat   2   Bob Daugherty, Paul Holmes, Brandon Craver, Tyler Nicely, Brad Eagle, Don Rutt, Richard Grogg, Tod Beviloqua
Feature   Bob Daugherty, Chase Alexander, Paul Holmes, Tyler Nicely, Tyler Thompson, Gary Hensel Jr., Darren Dawson, Brad Eagle, Jim Nicely, Tod Beviloqua, Richard Grogg, Brandon Craver, Jordan James, Tom Fisher, Don Rutt, Steve Ott dns

July 16th 2016 Results


Orrville, Ohio
Saturday, July 16, 2016
By Mike Swanger

On a beautiful night with the track surface of NAPA Wayne County Speedway again in smooth and fast condition, the WQKT Sports Country 104.5 Mini Stocks were the highlight class of the night with $1,000 waiting the winner of the 20 lap race and racing their 3rd ‘Summer Series’ points race. Michael Workman would set the pace for the opening two circuits from his pole position starting spot but would give way to Dale Beckett, the first ‘Summer Series’ winner, on lap three as Smithville’s Brad Hensel would move into second at the same time with Chris Priebe in tow. Hensel would swipe the lead away from Beckett on the fourth lap but Beckett regained the point on the next trip around and hold the top spot until lap 18 when his car began to sputter. That would allow Hensel and his JoyRide Transportation, DJ Directional Services and M&S Concrete #28 to take over with Priebe right behind. As they came out of turn four with the checkered flag up, Priebe made a move to the inside of Hensel but came up short. For Hensel, it was his second ‘Summer Series’ win, his fourth win of the season and expand his points lead. Mike Barr came from his 12th starting position to grab third as Beckett dropped to fourth with Zach Chaffin scoring a fifth. Stephen Crowe, Workman, and Chaffin notched the heat wins as Matt Miller was the last chance winner. Thanks to Drown Racing, Staley Racing and Hensel Racing for supporting this race.
Wooster’s Doug Drown would hold off early challenges from JR Gentry and Ryan Markham and then pull away aboard the Hall’s Auto Sales, Kar Connection and Wooster Glass #240 to tally his fourth win in a row in the Harriger Towing Super Late Model feature. Markham would run second with points leader Brad Malcuit taking third from Gentry on lap three and holding that position to the finish as Gentry finished fourth. Rick Bond would out duel Larry Bellman for fifth. Heat winners were Drown and Bond.
Last year’s Kar Connection Rush Late Model champion Charlie Duncan won the heat race and took control of the feature race from the outside pole position for the first five laps. On the restart of the lap 6 following a caution for Josh Stoica, Duncan would get sideways coming out of turn two in front of the field and would collect Bob Fry, Scott Delaney and Stoica, who took a big hit as he went off the backstretch and went nose first into the big tractor tires. All drivers were ok but the cars were not as all four had to be assisted from the track. Points leader Justin Chance would inherit the lead with Wooster’s Matt Aber in his tire tracks as both were dusting off the guardrail in turn one and two. As the two went down the back stretch on lap 14, Aber would put a crowd standing slide job on Chance in turns three and four and steal the lead away and put the #31 in victory circle. Chance had the right rear tire lose pressure as Mitch Basich would take second in his season debut. Chance limped to finish third as Allan Dellinger would finished fourth while Stoica was scored fifth.
The Action Auto Body Super Stocks were also running a ‘Summer Series’ race and before the race started, scheduled pole sitter Gary Hensel Jr. had to pull off with mechanical issues giving the pole position to Mansfield’s Bob Daugherty. Driving the Char’s Cars, McKenzie Concrete and Met’s Machine Shop ‪#‎21d‬ would go flag to flag for his first win of the season at NAPA WCS. Two time feature winner Paul Holmes pulled into second on lap two from his 7th starting spot. It took points leader and five time winner Tyler Thompson five circuits to take third from his gris starting spot of 8th as both could not catch up to Daugherty. Tyler Nicely and Brandon Craver were putting on a show for fourth in the last half of the race with Nicely edging out Craver for fourth and Craver getting fifth. Nicely and Daugherty paced the heat races.
Brandon Gardner led all the way to win the Flat Track Cart feature over heat winner Daryl Conkle and Mark Rutherford and Ethan Rutherford.
Contingency Connection’s Racer Awards were collected by drivers on Saturday night while year long awards with a total of over $100, 000 are competed for weekly at NAPA WCS.
The second annual Buckeye Dirt Week for the Super Late Models will head into NAPA Wayne County Speedway next Saturday night, July 23 for the Don Gross Memorial paying $4,000 to the winner. Duane Chamberlain was the winner of last years race. The OVSCA Sprints and the Action Auto Body Super Stocks are on the evening racing card also.
It’s to find out all the information about the track.

Saturday, July 16, 2016
Heat 1 Doug Drown, Brad Malcuit, Ryan Markham, Kirk Baker, Jerry Aber, Levi Flesher, Jason Skelly
Heat 2 Rick Bond, JR Gentry, Larry Bellman, Blaine Aber, Jim Nicely, Nate Potts
Feature Doug Drown, Ryan Markham, Brad Malcuit, JR Gentry, Rick Bond, Larry Bellman, Kirk Baker, Blaine Aber, Jim Nicely, Nate Potts, Jerry Aber, Levi Flesher dns, Jason Skelly dns

Heat 1 Charlie Duncan, Allan Dellinger, Justin Chance, Matt Aber, Mitch Basich, Bob Fry, Scott Delaney, Josh Stoica
Feature Matt Aber, Mitch Basich, Justin Chance, Allan Dellinger, Josh Stoica, Scott Delaney, Bob Fry, Charlie Duncan

Heat 1 Tyler Nicely, Brandon Craver, Cliff Staley, Todd Sherwin, Don Rutt, Jordan James, Chris Albright, Tom Fisher, Steve Ott, Brandon Gardner dns
Heat 2 Bob Daugherty, Paul Holmes, Tyler Thompson, Gary Hensel Jr., Derek Lewton, Darren Dawson, Jeff Lenham, Ryan Leathers, Tod Beviloqua
Feature Bob Daugherty, Paul Holmes, Tyler Thompson, Tyler Nicely, Brandon Craver, Jordan James, Todd Sherwin, Darren Dawson, Steve Ott, Jeff Lenham, Tom Fisher, Tod Beviloqua, Ryan Leathers, Don Rutt, Cliff Staley, Chris Albright, Gary Hensel Jr. dns, Derek Lewton dns, Brandon Gardner dns

Heat 1 Stephen Crowe, Brad Hensel, Wes Staley, Colton Priebe, Corey Staley, Rick Bays, Mitch Reichard
Heat 2 Michael Workman, Jordan James, Dakota Wells, Braden Wert, Jess Hensel, Brian Tomblin, Jimmy Burns, Michael Rose
Heat 3 Zach Chaffin, Chris Priebe, Dale Beckett, Mike Barr, Doug Hensel, Matt Miller, Dustin Daugherty, Briana Hensel
B Main Matt Miller, Dustin Daugherty, Brian Tomblin, Briana Hensel, Jim Burns, Mitch Reichard, Michael Rose, Rick Bays dns
Feature Brad Hensel, Chris Priebe, Mike Barr, Dale Beckett, Zach Chaffin, Wes Staley, Colton Priebe, Michael Workman, Matt Miller, Stephen Crowe, Doug Hensel, Corey Staley, Dakota Wells, Jess Hensel, Jim Burns, Dustin Daugherty, Braden Wert, Brian Tomblin, Briana Hensel, Jordan James dns

Heat 1 Daryl Conkle, Brandon Gardner, Mark Rutherford, Ethan Rutherford
Feature Brandon Gardner, Daryl Conkle, Mark Rutherford, Ethan Rutherford