Saturday AUG 29th - $12 General Admission - Gates Open at 3, Hot Laps at 6 Racing at 7. 

Coolers are OK - Sorry no Glass Bottles or Alcohol can be brought in.  We do Sell Beer behind the grandstands Happy Hour from 3 to 5 for $1 Beers. $2.50 after that. 

410 Sprints - Super LateModels - Super Stocks - RUSH LateModels - Mini Stocks - Mini Wedges and Karts

Charity Challenge - $2 of Each Adult GA Ticket Sold will be donated to Charity - We will auction off 4 5 lap 2-seater rides - One lucky Fan will get to ride with Danny Mumaw, Brad Haudenchild, Doug Drown, or Ryan Markham if they are the Highest Bidder.  Cash - Check - Or Credit Card Accepted - Bid at the Race track Saturday night

LateModel Drivers will be Raising money for the American Cancer Society and Sprint Drivers The Wounded Warrier Project.


Track Champions

WCS Track Champions - 1965-2005

Super Modified/Sprint Car Track Champions
1965 Jim Steuer Mt. Vernon, OH
1966 Chuck Adams Bellville, OH
1967 Chuck Adams Bellville, OH
1968 Royal Freed Mansfield, OH
1969 Eph Davis Mansfield, OH
1972 Roger Wiles Creston, OH
1983 Gerald "Bud" Jacobs Orrville, OH
1985 Rusty McClure Ashland, OH
1986 Neven Root Wooster, OH
1987 Mike Latsch Shreve, OH
1988 Gary Griffith Sandusky, OH
1989 George Prosser Mansfield, OH
1990 Rick Preston Warren, OH
1991 Rusty McClure Ashland, OH
1992 Dean Jacobs Fredricksburg, OH
1993 David Harrison Bettsville, OH
1994 Rob Chaney Millersburg, OH
1995 Chad Kemenah Fremont, OH
1996 Chad Kemenah Fremont, OH
1997 Duffy Smith Massillon, OH
1998 Duffy Smith Massillon, OH
1999 Paul Weaver Fremont, OH
2000 Doug Stanley North Vernon, OH
2001 Doug Stanley North Vernon, OH
2002 J.B. Scarbrough Millersburg, OH
2003 Duffy Smith Massillon, OH
2012 Andrew Palker, Wooster OH
2013 Andrew Palker, Wooster OH

Late Model Track Champions
1966 Bob Miller Akron, OH
1967 Jim Case Akron, OH
1968 Jim Case Akron, OH
1969 Jim Woods Akron, OH
1970 Bob Cowen Loudonville, OH
1971 Bob Cannon Newark, OH
1972 John "Doc" Simmons Mansfield, OH
1973 Jack Ashbrook Wadsworth, OH
1974 Tom Jarrett Austintown, OH
1975 John Mason Millersburg, OH
1976 Tom Jarrett Austintown, OH
1977 Jim Gillespie Warren, OH
1978 Ron Davis St. Clairsville, OH
1979 Brad Malcuit Strasburg, OH
1980 Tye Long Cambridge, OH
1981 Dean Alexander Orrville, OH
1982 Brad Malcuit Strasburg, OH
1983 Brad Malcuit Strasburg, OH
1984 Dean Alexander Orrville, OH
1985 Jim Gentry Wooster, OH
1986 Brad Malcuit Strasburg, OH
1987 Blaine Aber Wooster, OH
1988 Jim Gentry Wooster, OH
1989 Blaine Aber Wooster, OH
1990 Keith Berner Millersburg, OH
1991 Blaine Aber Wooster, OH
1992 Jim Gentry Wooster, OH
1993 Jim Gentry Wooster, OH
1994 Jim Gentry Wooster, OH
1995 No Late Models
1996 No Late Models
1997 Jim Gentry Wooster, OH
1998 Mark Osburn Kingsville, OH
1999 Ryan Markham Ashland, OH
2000 Ryan Markham Ashland, OH
2001 Ryan Markham Ashland, OH
2002 Mark Osburn Kingsville, OH
2003 Mark Osburn Kingsville, OH
2004 Charlie Duncan
2012 Shane McGloughlin
2013 Corey Conley, WV

Limited Late/Charger/Pro Stock Track Champions
1973 Dave Ledford Orrville, OH
1974 Howard Snyder Dundee, OH
1975 Dave Ledford Orrville, OH
1976 Wayne Maffett, Sr. Mansfield, OH
1977 Wayne Maffett, Sr. Mansfield, OH
1978 Dean Alexander Orrville, OH
1979 Dave Ledford Orrville, OH
1980 Wayne Maffett, Sr. Mansfield, OH
1981 Dave Ledford Orrville, OH
1982 Lou Bemiller Mansfield, OH
1983 Bob Benjamin Apple Creek, OH
1984 Jeff Hudson Wooster, OH
1985 Jeff Drown Wooster, OH
1986 Lou Bemiller
1987 Jim Martin Massillon, OH
1988 Jeff Drown Wooster, OH
1989 Jeff Hudson Wooster, OH
1990 Jim Martin Massillon, OH
1991 Vince Fanello Lucas, OH
1992 Took Wiles Creston, OH
1993 Took Wiles Creston, OH
1994 Took Wiles Creston, OH
1995 Dave Berkey Wooster, OH
1996 Took Wiles Creston, OH
1998 Mike Lonas Mansfield, OH
1999 Wayne Maffett, Jr. Mansfield, OH
2002 Mike Lonas Mansfield, OH

Street Stock/Pure Stock Track Champions
1979 John Cole Crestline, OH
1980 John Banton Orrville, OH
1981 Roger Brenneman Wooster, OH
1982 Roger Brenneman Wooster, OH
1983 Mark Uhler Creston, OH
1988 Mike Giess Mansfield, OH
1989 Wayne Maffett, Jr. Mansfield, OH
1990 Wayne Maffett, Jr. Mansfield, OH
1991 Wayne Maffett, Jr. Mansfield, OH
1992 Bob Daughtery Mansfield, OH
1993 Mark Thompson Streetsboro, OH
1994 Ron Craver Navarre, OH
1995 Tim Cline Big Praire, OH
1996 Ron Craver Navarre, OH
1997 Rick Moore Mansfield, OH
1998 Mark Thompson Streetsboro, OH
1999 Ron Craver Navarre
2000 Mark Thompson Streetsboro, OH
2001 Troy Anderson Lodi, OH
2002 Troy Anderson Lodi, OH
2003 Troy Anderson Lodi, OH
2004 Mitchell Lam
2012 Craver
2013 Brandon Gardner

Powder Puff (Late Model) Track Champions
1973 Mariann Jacobs Orrville, OH

Mini Stock Track Champions
2003 Tom Ogle Wooster, OH
2004 Mike Snyder
2012 No Mini Stocks
2013 Jeff Barker

Modified Track Champions
2004 Larry Kugel, East Liverpool, OH
2012 Norm Arnholt
2013 Chris Basich

Track Information


1083 North Carr Road

Orrville, Ohio 44667


209 Pine Street
Creston, Ohio 44217


Track Phone: (330) 465-2365