1. 1.Must be a full racing “flat” kart. (no home built karts)
  2. 2.Full body and full rear bumper Recommended
  3. 3.Driver must wear full helmet, neck brace, shoes, and long sleeves (no hoodies withstrings)
  4. 4.350lbs min and 400lbs min (with driver) classes only
  5. 5.Lead must be painted white and fastened well to the kart
  6. No Go Pro Can be mounted to your body or helmet.

Engine: “Box Stock clone” Black Harbor Freight Predator 212cc 6.5 Engine

  1. 1.May remove stock gas tank and replace with top plate and fuel pump
  2. 2.May remove Governor and disconnect oil level switch
  3. 3.Pump gas only
  4. 4.Any type of clutch
  5. 5.Must run chain guard

Claim rule:

  1. 1.Any driver finishing in the top 5 of their feature may claim the winning engine for $150.00
  2. 2.Winner may remove top plate/fuel pump, clutch and chain guard then they must sell the engine
  3. 3.If the winner won’t sell, they forfeit the win and all prize money.
  4. 4.Claim must be made to a race track official within 10 mins after feature
  5. 5.Engines may also be subject to tech at any moment during the night

*Rules are subject to change during the year to better the competition for the fans and drivers*

Payout:     1st-$40    2nd-$30     3rd– $25     4th-$20     5th-$10

*This class is meant for FUN!! Absolutely no arguing or fighting. ZERO TOLERANCE!!!

Pit pass purchase is needed for drivers and crews ($30) kart pit located in infield

$15 entry fee for additional class
Kart practice and heats will be held before the big cars roll out for their practice. The features will be during big car intermission.