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+ 410 Sprints

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+ Super Stocks
+ Super LateModels
=Mini Stocks and Trucks
+Mini Wedges and Karts - no entry fee

$ General Admission - Children 12 and under Free in GA - Pits $30 Kid Pits 6-14 $15

Gates Open at 12:30pm;  Kart Racing starts at 3:30pm; Big Car Heat Racing at 5pm

We accept credit cards with a 3% Fee

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Attention Fans: Small coolers are allowed but NO glass bottles or NO Alcholic Beverages to be carried in, NO Blankets or Plastic on the bleachers until after the gates open

• Track Record: RUSS KING holds the track record for Late Models at WCS with a lap of 16.737 - Ryan Smith Hold Track record for 410 Sprints at 14.230

RAIN CHECK POLICY - If a rainout is called for a race, you can use that ticket at face value for any event in 2015 (no cash back ) for another race.  Rain ticket may be used to purchase more than one ticket at a time.  They may be used to upgrade to a pit pass.  This must be done within 2015.  You can also mail tickets to the address below for a refund within 30 days from the date of the rained out event.  Any tickets mailed after that time will not be honored for a refund.  You must include a self addressed stamped envelope with contact phone number.   No cash refunds are given at ticket gates or office.  NO CASH BACK - Mail to Wayne County Speedway 209 Pine St. Creston OH 44217

ATTN: Super Stocks for the remainder of the year hoosier tires will be allowed if they durometer no softer the 50 and are no wider than 8 inches after the race.

Results 9-25-15

Written by Kristin Flory.


Orrville, Ohio

Saturday, September 26, 2015

By Mike Swanger

The 50th season of racing came to a close at Wayne County Speedway Saturday night with the running of the third annual Blowout presented by AAA. The night had some close racing action along with some wild moments. Millersburg’s Brad Haudenschild would start on the pole of the Fisher Performance Sprint feature but action would be slowed before lap two went in the books as Pete Grove got sideways in turn one and collected Sam Ashworth who flipped and ended his night while Kirk Jeffries ended on his side but would continue as would Jim Morris who stayed up right. Grove also went pitside. Haudenschild and his Kempthorn Auto Mall, Fire & Ice Pub and J&J Racing #38 would not be challenged as he posted his 7th win of the season. Racing for top five finishes was intense as Jimmy Colvin would take second from Jordan Harble on lap three while Jordan Ryan and Jamie and Chris Myers would wheel and deal for positioning lap after lap. During the last five laps, Colvin started to fade and on the last lap Harble was able to power past Colvin with Chris Myers right beside Harble and finished inches behind Harble. Colvin, who set fast time, ended 4th with Jordan Ryan taking fifth. TJ Michael flipped in hot laps/qualifying coming out of turn four and went into the front stretch catch fence as he was ok but his sprinter was not. Jimmy Colvin and Chris Myers won the $100 to win heat races.

The Lias Tire Super Late Model feature would have Mansfield’s Randy Scott and Alan Baker on the front row with Scott grabbing the lead and Mike Bores challenging Baker for second. On lap two, Baker and Bores touched in turn two and sent Baker into the back stretch retaining tires and he bounced off those and came back onto the track when Ryan Markham clipped the back of Baker’s car and sent Markham on a series of barrel rolls down the back stretch, completely destroying the ‪#‎5m‬ of Markham as he would climb out ok. Baker’s night was over also. As the race resumed, Scott would hold off Bores, who was able to get to the inside of Scott in turns one and two but could never get the lead. As the race wound down, Scott, who was filling in for his son Cody, started to pull away from Bores, and would put the Fultz Fabriaction, M R Trucking and Draime Engines #92 into victory lane, Randy’s first win in over 7 years. Rick Bond would finish third behind Bores as Jay Helton and Blaine Aber would fill out the top five. Bond and Brad Malcuit won the $100 to win heats as Markham was fast qualifier.

Charlie Duncan of Millersburg would go flag to flag for his fourth win in the Harriger Towing Rush Late Model feature. Driving the Hall’s Auto Sales, Kar Connection and Nationwide Vehicle Protection #240 would be hounded by Ryan Markham as Markham would go high in turns one and two and power his way to get along side Duncan down the back straightaway but the same line was not working for Markham in turns three and four as Duncan’s ride was working better on the low side of that corner. Behind the two leaders, Justin Chance was battling off Pa. drivers Colton Flinner and Corey McPherson for third with Matt Shipley behind that threesome. The last six circuits of the race would see Duncan pull away from quick qualifier Markham for the win as Chance held off Flinner for third with Shipley taking fifth from McPherson with two to go. Picking up the $50 to win heat races were Duncan and Chance.

With a multitude of cautions in the early part of the Aamco Transmissions Super Stock main, fifth starting Paul Holmes would find himself out front with Miamisburg’s Brandon Gardner in tow. Gardner would use the high line in turns one and two and get beside Holmes down the back stretch several times and on the last lap was able to put the Schaffer Oil, RDL, and Innovative Graphics in front and as they came out of turn four Holmes would spin, bringing out the caution one last time. Tyler Thompson made a run at fast qualifier Gardner on the last restart, but came up short as Gardner collected his third win of the season. Pole sitter Frank Oriti recovered from an early caution to finish third while Dustin Daugherty ran a solid race long fourth as Jim Nicely came back from an early caution also to fill out the top five. Holmes and Thompson collected the $50 to win heat races. In heat race action, TA Perrine flew over the turn two guardrail and never stopped, coming back onto the track, receiving a standing ovation from the large crowd as he continued in the heat race.

Gary Hensel Jr. of Wooster shot into the lead from his 4th starting position on lap one with sixth starting Dale Beckett on his back bumper and those two would duel for the win all race long of the WQKT Mini Stock feature. Beckett could never find a way to get around the Painful Desires Tatoo’s, J& M Carpentry and Smitley Towing ‪#‎28h‬ of Hensel Jr. as he would win his first feature of the year. Michael Rose would work his way through the field from his 13th starting spot to capture third as Mark Adkins and Chris Priebe rounded out the top five. The $25 to win heat races went to Trae Schonauer and Beckett.

Galena’s Rolly Heyder swept the Mini Truck races and he becomes the only driver to win two features in the three year history of the Blowout at WCS. Colton Locker made a last lap charge and the two bumped coming out of turn four with the checkered flag waving. The Connell’s Furniture, Jack Maxton Chevrolet and James Madison Insurance #10 of Heyder would win by inches. Dwayne Powell and Joey Heyder would finish third and fourth.

Donnie Danley would take the lead from Nick Large on lap three and pick up his first Mini Wedge win as Billy Dawson Zoe Stafford, Nick Large and Logan Duncan would follow. Nick Large would win the heat race. After the race, the season long points awards were awarded as Billy Dawson won the track championship with 672 points as he won 7 features on the year. Jolene Voshel was runner up with 587 points backed by 8 top five finishes and three seconds during the season. Logan Duncan finished third with 548 points with three wins and 9 top fives. Matthew Moore finished with 372 points for fourth place as he had two second place finishes with 7 top fives.

Mike Winters lead the opening 6 laps of the Flat Track Carts but his Cart would conk out and give the lead to Colton Shaw and he would drive away for his first win aboard the #01 cart. Brandon Gardner and Brad Haudenschild jumped into the carts and finished second and third while John Mullinex and Jack Lamborn rounded out the top five. Jamie Johnson and Shaw won the heat races.

All of the Fast Qualifiers won a $100 thanks to Fisher Performance, Jim Nicely, Larry Bellman and Jason and Kristin Flory.

For Banquet information, go to the website at www.waynecountyspeedway.com


Saturday, September 26, 2015


Fast Qualifier Jimmy Colvin 15.362

Heat 1 Jimmy Colvin, Jordan Ryan, Jamie Myers, Roger Campbell, Pete Grove, Sam Ashworth, Jim Morris, Danny Mumaw, Mitch Harble dns, TJ Michael dns

Heat 2 Chris Myers, Brad Haudenschild, Jordan Harble, Shawn Hubler, Kirk Jeffries, Clay Riney, Davey Jones, Jason Dolick, Jeremy Shambaugh, Nick Patterson

Feature Brad Haudenschild, Jordan Harble, Chris Myers, Jimmy Colvin, Jordan Ryan, Jamie Myers, Shawn Hubler, Davey Jones, Roger Campbell, Jim Morris, Clay Riney, Nick Patterson, Kirk Jeffries, Jeremy Shambaugh, Jason Dolick, Danny Mumaw, Pete Grove, Sam Ashworth, Mitch Harble dns, TJ Michael dns


Fast Qualifier Ryan Markham 18.077

Heat 1 Rick Bond, Mike Bores, Jeremy Mizer, Jay Helton, Blaine Aber, Aaron Phillis, Wayne Maffett Jr., Ryan Markham

Heat 2 Brad Malcuit, Randy Scott, Alan Baker, Tim Rager, Larry Bellman, Jerry Aber, Chuck Kimble, Ashley Todd

Feature Randy Scott, Mike Bores, Rick Bond, Jay Helton, Blaine Aber, Jerry Aber, Tim Rager, Ashley Todd, Larry Bellman, Aaron Phillis, Brad Malcuit, Jeremy Mizer, Alan Baker, Ryan Markham, Wayne Maffett Jr., Chuck Kimble dns


Fast Qualifier Ryan Markham 19.153

Heat 1 Charlie Duncan, Ryan Markham, Brandon Gardner, Colton Flinner, Matt Shipley, Jim Cochran, Jamie Miller, Jim Nicely

Heat 2 Justin Chance, Corey McPherson, Alan Dellinger, Mitch Basich, Brandon Perkins, WL Stile, Josh Stoica

Feature Charlie Duncan, Ryan Markham, Justin Chance, Colton Flinner, Matt Shipley, Corey McPherson, Brandon Perkins, Jim Nicely, Mitch Basich, Jim Cochran, Josh Stoica, WL Stile, Brandon Gardner, Alan Dellinger, Jamie Miller


Fast Qualifier Brandon Gardner 20.740

Heat 1 Paul Holmes, Brandon Gardner, Bob Daugherty, Dustin Daugherty, Steve Wolford, Tyler Nicely, Trae Schonauer, Chris Albright, Kyle Michalo, Danny Jones

Heat 2 Tyler Thompson, Frank Oriti, Brandon Craver, Richard Grogg, Jim Nicely, Paul Kern, Don Rutt, Dennis Amstutz, TA Perrine, Jordan James dns

Feature Brandon Gardner, Tyler Thompson, Frank Oriti, Dustin Daugherty, Jim Nicely, Dennis Amstutz, TA Perrine, Jordan James, Paul Holmes, Danny Jones, Bob Daugherty, Tyler Nicely, Don Rutt, Chris Albright, Steve Wolford, Richard Grogg, Kyle Michalo, Trae Schonauer, Brandon Craver, Paul Kern dns


Heat 1 Trae Schonauer, Brad Hensel, Mark Adkins, Colton Priebe, Wes Staley, Dakota Wells, Michael Rose, Jordan James, Billy Parsons

Heat 2 Dale Beckett, Gary Hensel Jr., Michael Workman, Colton St. John, Chris Priebe, Eddy Geary, Mike Hensel, Matt Miller

Feature Gary Hensel Jr., Dale Beckett, Michael Rose, Mark Adkins, Chris Priebe, Jordan James, Brad Hensel, Trae Schonauer, Colton St. John, Wes Staley, Mike Hensel, Eddy Geary, Matt Miller, Dakota Wells, Michael Workman, Colton Priebe, Billy Parsons


Heat 1 Rolly Heyder, Colt Locker, Dwayne Powell, Russell Brinker, Joey Heyder

Feature Rolly Heyder, Colt Locker, Dwayne Powell, Joey Heyder, Russell Brinker dns


Heat 1 Nick Large, Logan Duncan, Billy Dawson, Donnie Danley, Jolene Voshel, Caitlin Johnson, Evan Large, Austin Pyle, Zoe Stafford, Matthew Moore dns

Feature Donnie Danley, Billy Dawson, Zoe Stafford, Nick Large, Logan Duncan, Evan Large, Matthew Moore, Jolene Voshel, Austin Pyle, Caitlin Johnson


Heat 1 Jamie Johnson, Brad Haudenschild, Mike Winters, Chris Hoffer, Zach Myers, Jack Lamborn, Justin Patterson dns

Heat 2 Colton Shaw, Brandon Gardner, Alec Ousley, John Mullinex, #44, Chris Mullinex dns

Feature Colton Shaw, Brandon Gardner, Brad Haudenschild, John Mullinex, Jack Lamborn, #44, Zach Myers, Chris Hoffer, Alec Ousley, Mike Winters, Jamie Johnson dns, Chris Mullinex dns, Justin Patterson dns

Results 9-6-15

Written by Mike Swanger.

Orrville, Ohio
Sunday, Sept. 6, 2015
   In front of a full house, Wooster’s Sheldon Haudenschild earned himself a second consecutive UNOH All Star victory at Wayne County Speedway Sunday night. Starting tenth, Haudenschild would pass both Ryan Smith and Dale Blaney on lap 12 to take the lead and drive away for the win for the second night in a row. Smith and Blaney led the 24 car field to the green flag that went red right away as a half dozen competitors would not get back to the flag stand on the start as Travis Philo suffered the most damage after getting upside down but would walk away unharmed. Smith, who set a new track record of 14.230 seconds in qualifying, took the early advantage over Blaney and Danny Holtgraver for the opening 10 circuits. By lap 11, Haudenschild was already in hot pursuit, charging past Holtgraver for third. Haudenschild would make the big move to the top spot on the following lap, driving by Blaney and Smith on the high side at the exit of turn two. Even with red flag conditions returning to the speedway on lap 18 for WCS opening night winner Parker Price-Miller, who was ok, Haudenschild’s momentum never suffered. The 22 year old rolled away from the field following the restart, climbing to a near straightaway and seven second advantage when the checkered flew.
  “ This is the best the track has ever been” explained Haudenschild in victory lane, “Hats off to the track crew. I really hope the fans enjoyed that, thank all of you for coming out tonight. I just want to thank all of my guys again including Bonzai and Zach. We couldn’t do it without Southern Pacific Farms. They help make it all happen. I kind of figured most of the guys starting ahead of me would run the bottom” said Haudenschild. “ The door kinda opened up for me on top and we made it happen.”
   UNOH All Star points leader Blaney would finish second as Millersburg’s Rob Chaney raced his way forward from an 8th starting spot to finish third. Chaney made his move into the podium position on lap 29, getting by Smith at the exit of turn four while Tim Shaffer made a move around Smith on the last lap to take fourth and dropping smith to fifth.
   Track Champion Brad Haudenschild won the B Main and started 17th in the feature and finished 7th while Danny Mumaw would begin the race 20th and drive to tenth at the finish.
   It would take Max Blair just five laps to take the lead from his fifth starting position and drive to his second Sweeney Rush Late Model win at WCS. With pole sitter Eric Wilson leading the opening four laps with Ryan Markham and Josh Double dueling for second, the Centerville PA. driver would pick them off one lap at a time to gain the lead that he would never give up. Driving the R & J Poultry, Moody & Sons Welding and the C & J Dairy #111, Blair would be pestered by Wilson on a couple of double file restarts following a couple of late race cautions, as Track Champion Charlie Duncan, Double, Jason Knowles and Markham battled for a top five finish. Markham’s chance for a top five ended with a flat tire on the last lap. As the checkered flag waved, Blair had a couple car length lead over Wilson as Duncan finished third followed by Double and Justin Chance squeezing past Jim Nicely on the last lap for fifth.
   Tyler Thompson started on the pole of the Aamco Transmissions Super Stock feature and the Streetsboro based, Action Auto Body, Nella Enterprises and R-T Fence Company #T2 would fend off early challenges by Tim Penley, who would spin out on lap nine and by Mike Lonas and Bob Daugherty, as both of them would drop from contention mid way in the race as three time winner Paul Holmes would become the challenger. Thompson would keep Holmes at bay to score his second win of the season as Holmes settled for second. Tyler Nicely worked his way from starting 12th to finishing third as Penley recovered to take fourth as Gary Hensel Jr. rounded out the top five.
   The next action at Wayne County Speedway will take place on Friday and Saturday, September 25th and 26th with the third annual Blowout. Friday will be practice for all class’ plus a Chicken BBQ and a DJ while all the racing will take place on Saturday. Watch for complete details on the Blowout and Banquet information on the website at www.waynecountyspeedway.com
Sunday, September 6, 2015
Lincoln Electric Fast Qualifier- Ryan Smith  14.230 sec.  New Track Record
Kistler Racing Products Heat #1   Tim Shaffer, Travis Philo, Cody Darrah, Danny Holtgraver, Ryan Smith, Andrew Palker, Greg Wilson, Jordan Ryan, Clay Riney
All Pro Aluminum Cylinder Heads Heat #2   Caleb Helms, Lee Jacobs, Sheldon Haudenschild, Chad Kemenah, Brandon Spithaler, Dean Jacobs, Brad Haudenschild, Danny Mumaw, Nick Patterson, Aaron Middaugh
Hunt Brothers Pizza Heat #3   Rob Chaney, Dale Blaney, Chris Andrews, Caleb Armstrong, Broc Martin, Jack Sodeman Jr., Cole Duncan, Parker Price-Miller, Danny Smith
JE Pistons Dash    Ryan Smith, Dale Blaney, Danny Holtgraver, Tim Shaffer, Travis Philo, Lee Jacobs, Caleb Helms, Rob Chaney
B- MAIN    Brad Haudenschild, Danny Mumaw, Cole Duncan, Parker Price-Miller, Greg Wilson, Jordan Ryan, Nick Patterson, Danny Smith, Aaron Middaugh, Clay Riney
FEATURE    Sheldon Haudenschild, Dale Blaney, Rob Chaney, Tim Shaffer, Ryan Smith, Caleb Armstrong, Brad Haudenschild, Danny Holtgraver, Caleb Helms, Danny Mumaw, Broc Martin, Cody Darrah, Chad Kemenah, Jordan Ryan, Greg Wilson, Brandon Spithaler, Chris Andrews, Parker Price-Miller, Andrew Palker, Dean Jacobs, Jack Sodeman Jr., Travis Philo, Lee Jacobs, Cole Duncan
Heat   1   Eric Wilson, Justin Chance, Josh Double, Rick Mardis, Brian Knowles, Clinton Hersh, Paul Harriger
Heat   2   Max Blair, Ryan Markham, Jason Knowles, Charlie Duncan, Jim Nicely, Cody Endlich
Dash       Charlie Duncan, Rick Mardis, Brian Knowles, Jim Nicely
FEATURE   Max Blair, Eric Wilson, Charlie Duncan, Josh Double, Justin Chance, Jim Nicely, Jason Knowles, Paul Harriger, Rick Mardis, Brian Knowles, Clinton Hersh, Ryan Markham, Cody Endlich
Heat   1   Bob Daugherty, Tyler Thompson, Mike Lonas, Paul Holmes, Dustin Daugherty, Richard Grogg, Jeff Penley, Paul McVicker, TA Perrine dns,
Heat   2   Tim Penley, Trae Schoenauer, Gary Hensel Jr., Ryan Leathers, Don Rutt, Tyler Nicely, Dennis Amstutz, Chase Alexander, Steve Ott, Nick Smith dns
FEATURE    Tyler Thompson, Paul Holmes, Tyler Nicely, Tim Penley, Gary Hensel Jr., Richard Grogg, Jeff Penley, Ryan Leathers, Paul McVicker, Trae Schoenauer, Steve Ott, Bob Daugherty, Mike Lonas, Dustin Daugherty, Don Rutt, Dennis Amstutz, Chase Alexander dns, TA Perrine dns, Nick Smith dns

Results 8-29-15

Written by Mike Swanger.

Orrville, Ohio
Saturday, August 29, 2015
By Mike Swanger
The final night of points racing with track championships on the line made for some exciting racing at Wayne County Speedway on Lowe’s and Pepsi night Saturday. One of the tightest races for the championship crown was the Fisher Performance Sprints with Brad Haudenschild needing a ninth place finish or better to clinch the championship. Jordan Ryan would grab the lead from the pole with Shawn Hubler, Nick Patterson, Jimmy Colvin and Lee Jacobs in tow as ninth starting Haudenschild would be 7th at lap five with 16th starting Andrew Palker and 17th starter Danny Mumaw on the move behind Haudenschild. The caution would wave on lap six when 6th running Mitch Harble and Jacobs made contact on the front stretch sending Harble sliding into the infield and ending his night. With the race back to green, Ryan would open up a half straightaway lead as Haudenschild and Mumaw would gain positions on each lap. Driving the highside of the track, Haudenschild would track down Ryan with 10 laps to go and made the pass in turns one and two on the next circuit. As that lap got recorded, Jordan Harble would take a tumble off the guardrail in turn 4 to stop the action. As the green flag flew for the restart, Haudenschild pulled away from Ryan and Hubler with Mumaw would power past Hubler on lap 18 and then take second from Ryan with five to go and set sail for the leader. With the Mumaw Tree Stump Service, Finishline Autobody and Guerne Heights Drive Inn #16 of Mumaw closing in, front axle problems for Haudenschild’s sprinter forced him to drop out with three laps to go, giving the lead to Mumaw and the Wooster driver, who has had his share of mechanical problems, finally made it to victory circle. Ryan held on to second, his best finish at WCS as Hubler recorded his third third place finish. A fourth place finish for Colvin was his best finish of the season as Lee Jacobs took fifth. Jamie Myers, Colvin and Hubler were the heat winners. Haudenschild’s 15th place finish ended up being good enough to win the championship by 13 points over Nick Patterson who finished sixth in the feature.
  Doug Drown just needed to start the Lias Tire Super Late Model feature to secure the championship and as their 25 lap feature got underway, heat winner Matt Irey lead the opening lap with Ashland’s Ryan Markham taking over on lap two. Irey would keep the pressure on as Brad Malcuit and Drown dueled for third. Drown would win that battle and reeled in Irey and when he bobbled in turn two Drown slipped by for second. As the laps dwindled down, Markham and his H & T Demolition, Cool-It Thermotec and Accu Force Shocks #5m would encounter some lap traffic that allowed Drown to close in and as the checkered flag was in sight, Drown would try a powerslide in turns three and four but could not finish the deal as Markham roared out of turn four to win his first Super Late Model win of the season. Following Drown was Irey, Malcuit and heat winner Kirk Davis.
  Nick Smith was in the same position Drown was as all he needed to do to win the Aamco Transmission Super Stock title was to start the feature which he did. Chase Alexander opened up the feature by leading the first lap but after that, Canton’s Paul Holmes took over aboard the #68 and he would spend the next 14 laps fending off Alexander, Bob Daugherty and Smith. Numerous times all four were within two car lengths  of each other. Daugherty would take second for good just past the halfway mark and look for an opening to take the lead from Holmes as Alexander would keep Smith and bay. On the last lap, Daugherty would make a move to the high side of Holmes and as they drag raced to the finish line, Holmes won his third feature of the year by less than six inches over Daugherty. Alexander held third as track champion Smith was fourth followed bt Frank Oriti. Heat winners were Daugherty, Alexander and Tyler Thompson.
  Starting the feature of the Harriger Towing Rush Late Models would win the crown for Charlie Duncan but like all the other drivers would race for the win. Ryan Markham was looking for a double win night and looked good for the opening five laps of the feature but when he jumped the cushion in turn one on lap six, Hermitage’s Pa’s Alan Dellinger and his #8 car would take over with Duncan and Justin Chance all getting by as Markham would drop from competition on lap nine. Duncan would make several attempts in the last half of the 20 lap event to overtake Dellinger but he would be denied every time as Dellinger scored his first win of the season. Chance, the heat winner, would finish third followed by Jamie Wrightsman and Jim Nicely.
  Despite having bad finishes the last three weeks, Doug Hensel had built up a big enough points lead in the WQKT Mini Stock points chase that he just needed to start the feature race to take home the crown and a 14 place finish was good enough for the title. Killbuck’s Chris Priebe would lead all the way for his first win at WCS as early on six time winner Michael Workman would pester Priebe for the lead but Workman went pitside during a lap eight caution to end his chance at another win. Billy Parsons would move into second but could never make a run at Priebe as he would finish second with as Gary Hensel Jr., Brad Hensel and Kevin Markey rounded out the top five. Heat wins went to Priebe, Parsons and Brad Hensel. 
  Billy Dawson was in the drivers seat of the Mini Wedge points championship as he needed to take the green flag for the crown and like the other drivers who had the chance to win the crown still wanted to win the race but that would go to the heat winner, Logan Duncan as the Fredricksburg youngster would go flag to flag for his third win of the season aboard the Green Leaf Restaurant, Scanlon Enterprises and El Campensino Restaurant #015. Dawson would pick his way through the field from his 6th starting spot to finish second with Donnie Danley, Kyla Dillion and Jolene Voshel filling out the top five. The season awards for the Mini Wedges will be given out at the Blowout on Saturday, September 26th.
  Chuck Conway and Mike Winters split the lead for the first half of the Flat Track Cart feature but the last half of the race and win went to Jamie Johnson, his fourth win of the year. Johnson, who won the heat race was followed by Conway, Brandon Russell, Winters and Zach Myers.       
  Once again the Contingency Connection Awards were up for grabs for the drivers with nearly $100,000 worth of awards from national companys available.
  Sunday, September 6th will see both the UNOH All Star Sprints and the Sweeney Rush Late Model Tour making their third and final visits to Wayne County Speedway in 2015. The Aamco Transmissions Super Stocks will also be in action with the usual starting times. For more information on this race and the season ending Blowout on September 26th, Check the website at www.waynecountyspeedway.com
Saturday, August 29, 2015
Heat   1   Jamie Myers, Lee Jacobs, George Prosser, Russ Sansosti, Jason Dolick, Andrew Palker, Danny Mumaw
Heat   2   Jimmy Colvin, Nick Patterson, Mitch Harble, Brad Haudenschild, Shawn Minor, Clay Riney, Troy Kingan
Heat   3   Shawn Hubler, Jordan Ryan, Jordan Harble, Kirk Jeffries, Jeremy Shambaugh, Aaron Fry, Scott Riley
Feature   Danny Mumaw, Jordan Ryan, Shawn Hubler, Jimmy Colvin, Lee Jacobs, Nick Patterson, Andrew Palker, Jason Dolick, Clay Riney, George Prosser, Russ Sansosti, Kirk Jeffries, Jeremy Shambaugh, Troy Kingan, Brad Haudenschild, Aaron Fry, Shawn Minor, Scott Riley, Jordan Harble, Mitch Harble, Jamie Myers dns
Heat   1   Matt Irey, Ryan Markham, Brad Malcuit, JR Gentry, Jim Nicely, Levi Flesher, Ricky Holderbaum
Heat   2   Kirk Baker, Doug Drown, David Liles, Larry Bellman, Kyle Moore, Corey Hornikel
Feature   Ryan Markham, Doug Drown, Matt Irey, Brad Malcuit, Kirk Baker, JR Gentry, Kyle Moore, David Liles, Larry Bellman, Jim Nicely, Levi Flesher, Ricky Holderbaum, Corey Hornikel dns
Heat   1   Bob Daugherty, Paul Holmes, Nick Smith, Gary Hensel Jr., Paul Kern, Ryan Leathers, Derek Lewton, Trae Schoenauer
Heat   2   Chase Alexander, Frank Oriti, Chris Albright, Brandon Craver, Don Rutt, Tyler Nicely, Dustin Daugherty, Cliff Staley, Steve Ott
Heat   3   Tyler Thompson, Mike Lonas, Dennis Amstutz, Brian Simpson, Paul McVicker, Roger Drouhard, Bob Fry, Jerry Miller dns
Feature   Paul Holmes, Bob Daugherty, Chase Alexander, Nick Smith, Frank Oriti, Chris Albright, Tyler Nicely, Gary Hensel Jr., Tyler Thompson, Paul McVicker, Dennis Amstutz, Dustin Daugherty, Brandon Craver, Brian Simpson, Trae Schoenauer, Don Rutt, Bob Fry, Cliff Staley, Paul Kern, Derek Lewton, Mike Lonas, Ryan Leathers, Roger Drouhard dns, Steve Ott dns, Jerry Miller dns
Heat   1   Justin Chance, Charlie Duncan,, Alan Dellinger, Ryan Markham, Paul Harriger, Jim Nicely, Vern Mardis, Jamie Wrightsman, Hiram Bachmann
Feature   Alan Dellinger, Charlie Duncan, Justin Chance, Jamie Wrightsman, Jim Nicely, Paul Harriger, Hiram Bachmann, Ryan Markham, Vern Mardis
Heat   1   Chris Priebe, Nova Martin, Brad Workman, Stephen Crowe, James Priebe, Mitch Reichard, Tim Workman, Jess Hensel
Heat   2   Billy Parsons, Jason St. John, Brian Dawson, Gary Hensel Jr., Dakota Wells, Caleb Spencer, Jeff Edwards, Casey Butler
Heat   3   Brad Hensel, Michael Workman, Kevin Markey, Doug Hensel, Wes Staley, John Mackey, Jim Burns
Feature   Chris Priebe,, Billy Parsons, Gary Hensel Jr., Brad Hensel, Kevin Markey, Brian Dawson, Brad Workman, James Priebe, Casey Butler, Mitch Reichard, John Mackey, Jeff Edwards, Jim Burns, Doug Hensel, Jess Hensel, Dakota Wells, Michael Workman, Wes Staley, Jason St. John, Stephen Crowe, Nova Martin, Caleb Spencer, Tim Workman
Heat   1   Logan Duncan, Donnie Danley, Kyla Dillon, Austin Pyle, Connor Hess, Jolene Voshel, Billy Dawson dns, Caitlin Johnson dns
Feature   Logan Duncan, Billy Dawson, Donnie Danley, Kyla Dillon, Jolene Voshel, Austin Pyle, Caitlin Johnson, Connor Hess dns
Heat   1   Jamie Johnson, Chuck Conway, Mike Winters, Steve Reed, Dan Delaney, Alec Ousley, Brandon Russell dns, Zach Myers dns, #25
Feature   Jamie Johnson, Chuck Conway, Brandon Russell, Mike Winters, Zach Myers, Steve Reed, Dan Delaney, Alec Ousley, #25

Results 8-22-15

Written by Mike Swanger.

Orrville, Ohio
Saturday, August 22, 2015
By Mike Swanger
Fans and drivers were in the racing mood on School Spirit night (won by Waynedale) and to see if anyone could collect the bounty on Wooster’s Doug Drown in the Lias Tire Super Late Model Main on Santmyer Oil night. Drown would be looking to sweep the Attica Raceway Park/ Wayne County Speedway Late Model Series as he would grab the lead on the opening lap from his third starting position as Ryan Markham would power past the front row starters of Lauren Longbrake and Brad Malcuit on lap two and then with several cautions flying in the early laps, stay on Drown’s rear bumper. On a lap 11 restart, Markham would slide in front of Drown in turn one and two to momentarily take the lead but another caution flag would wave before the lap could be completed to negate Markham’s move. Markham could not repeat the move on the ensuing restart as Drown was ready for him and as the race wound down, Markham was never more than 2 car lengths behind but Drown and his Hall’s Auto Sales, Nationwide Vehicle Protection and Wooster Glass #240 never slipped to record his ninth win at WCS and win all six of the ARP/WCS races plus picking up $500 for stopping the Bounty hunters. He also won the Innovative Graphics award by winning the most heat races in the Series. Larry Kingseed moved into third on lap 9 and finished out in that spot while Longbrake and Malcuit held off challenges by Mike Davis and Matt Irey to finish in that order. Heat winners were Malcuit, Drown and Markham.
  It looked like it was going to be a run away win for Brad Haudenschild in the Fisher Performance Sprint feature but Lady Luck was not riding with Haudenschild on this night. He would build up more than a straightaway margin over the field as Wooster’s Broc Martin, Jimmy Colvin, Danny Mumaw and Jordan Ryan dueled for second. Mumaw would drop with mechanical problems on lap 14 as T J Michael now moved into top five contention. A lap 21 caution for Clay Riney would slow the action and during the caution, Haudenschild’s right rear tire started to lose pressure and as the green waved again, Haudenschild could not hang on to the lead as he would go to the pits with Martin inheriting the lead. Pulling away from the pack, Martin would put the Santmyer Oil, Orrville Trucking and Jim Smith Enterprises #83 into the WCS winners circle for the first time this season. Michael would outmaneuver Ryan on the last restart to take second with Shawn Hubler scoring a fourth as Nick Patterson started 15th and filled out the top five. Colvin and Haudenschild would be the heat winners. Jac Haudenschild would flip in the first heat race and did not start the feature.
  The Aamco Transmission Super Stocks would chase after a $1,000 to win 20 lap main and Canton’s Paul Holmes would start on the pole with his #68 and the first half of the race would have Nick Smith hounding him. Following a lap 10 caution, Smith would drop from the field on the restart with Chase Alexander taking a short lived second place as 14th starting Tyler Thompson moved in to challenge Holmes for the top position. Tony Cline, Don Baney, Bob Daugherty and Brandon Craver were tightly bunched as they ran for top five contention. With two circuits to go, Thompson began to fade as Alexander returned to second but Holmes had pulled away to secure his second win of the year. Baney held off Daugherty for third as Cline, in his 1st race of the year, finished fifth. Smith and Alexander topped the heat races.
  Rick Mardis would out race Justin Chance into turn one and take the lead of the Harriger Towing Rush Late Model main but points leader Charlie Duncan would take over the top spot on lap three as Mardis would spin on that lap to bring out the yellow. Markham would now be second and on the double file restart, heat winner Duncan elected to start to the outside and when the green flag waved, Markham squeezed into the lead and then led the rest of the way for his second win in a row and third of the season aboard the Ashland based H & T Demolition, Cool It ThermoTec and Rocket Chassis #5m. Duncan finished second as Mardis recovered for third with Chance and Hiram Bachmann rounded out the top five.
  The WQKT Mini Stock feature was a physical beat and bang race that saw 1st heat winner Stephen Crowe upside down and early race leaders Chris Priebe and Jerry Adkins leaning on each other, Michael Workman, of Shreve, quietly worked his way through the field from his 9th starting position, took the lead from Adkins with five laps to go and put the JD Empire Trucking and S&M Motorsports #41w into victory circle for the sixth time in seven weeks. Adkins finished second as Greg Thompson was third followed by Nova Martin and Kevin Markey. Adkins and Thompson also picked up heat wins.
  Scott Delaney started at the rear of the Flat Track Cart feature but it only took him six laps to get to the front of the field to score his sixth win of the season. Jamie Johnson, Dan Delaney, Chuck Conway and Jason King filled out the top five as Steve Reed posted the heat win.
  Billy Dawson led all the laps in the heat race and the feature for his seventh Mini Wedge feature win of the year. Driving the Harriger Towing, Billy B Enterprises and Amsoil #7b, the Lakeville youngster was followed by Donnie Danley, Braxton Wilson, Logan Duncan and Brooklyn Wilson.
  The Contingency Connection Awards were again handed out as nearly $100,000 of yearly awards from many national companies are given away weekly at WCS.
  Next Saturday night, August 29 will be Season Championship night as all class’ will be running for double points as the points races wrap up.
  Remember to check out the tracks website at www.waynecountyspeedway.com
Saturday, August 22, 2015
Heat   1   Brad Malcuit, Larry Kingseed, Matt Irey, Kirk Baker, Jerry Aber, Larry Bellman, Kyle Moore, Josh Haynes
Heat   2   Doug Drown, Cody Scott, DJ Cline, Ben Mott, Jason Hinton, Randy Davis, George Lee, Shane Campbell
Heat   3   Ryan Markham, Lauren Longbrake, Michael Davis, Vic Hottinger, Jim Nicely, Ricky Holderbaum, Rick Armstrong
Feature   Doug Drown, Ryan Markham, Larry Kingseed, Lauren Longbrake, Brad Malcuit, Michael Davis, Matt Irey, Kyle Moore, DJ Cline, Cody Scott, Larry Bellman, Kirk Baker, Vic Hottinger, Josh Haynes, Shane Campbell, Randy Davis, George Lee, Jim Nicely, Ricky Holderbaum, Jerry Aber, Ben Mott, Jason Hinton, Rick Armstrong dns
Heat   1   Jimmy Colvin, Danny Mumaw, Broc Martin, Jordan James, Kirk Jeffries, George Prosser, Jac Haudenschild, Mitch Harble, Nick Patterson
Heat   2   Brad Haudenschild, Shawn Hubler, Jordan Ryan, Russ Sansosti, TJ Michael, Clay Riney, Shawn Minor, Aaron Fry, Troy Kingan, Pete Grove
Feature   Broc Martin, TJ Michael, Jordan Ryan, Shawn Hubler, Nick Patterson, Mitch Harble, Russ Sansosti, Jimmy Colvin, Kirk Jeffries, Jordan Harble, Brad Haudenschild, Shawn Minor, Aaron Fry, Clay Riney, Danny Mumaw, Pete Grove, Jac Haudenschild dns, George Prosser dns, Troy Kingan dns
Heat   1   Nick Smith, Tyler Nicely, Tony Cline, Dustin Daugherty, Dennis Amstutz, Bob Daugherty, Frank Oriti, Brad Eagle, Todd Gallion dns, Bob Fry dns
Heat   2   Chase Alexander, Paul Holmes, Don Baney, Brandon Craver, Goob Grogg, Chris Albright, Paul McVicker, Tyler Thompson, Paul Kern, Rory Reed, #21g
Feature   Paul Holmes, Chase Alexander, Don Baney, Bob Daugherty, Brandon Craver, Brad Eagle, Paul McVicker, Dennis Amstutz, #21g, Tyler Nicely, Goob Grogg, Tyler Thompson, Frank Oriti, Paul Kern, Nick Smith, Dustin Daugherty, Todd Gallion, Chris Albright, Bob Fry dns, Rory Reed dns
Heat   1   Charlie Duncan, Hiram Bachmann, Rick Mardis, Justin Chance, Ryan Markham, Paul Harriger, Louis Alan, Mitch Basich, Cody Endlich, Jim Nicely, Brandon Perkins
Feature   Ryan Markham, Charlie Duncan, Rick Mardis, Justin Chance, Hiram Bachmann, Paul Harriger, Mitch Basich, Louis Alan, Brandon Perkins, Jim Nicely, Cody Endlich dns
Heat   1   Stephen Crowe, Trae Schonauer, Nova Martin, Doug Hensel, Caleb Spencer, Jim Burns, David Keagy, Wes Staley
Heat   2   Jerry Adkins, Casey Butler, John St. James, John Mackey, Rick Bays, Neal Wert, Gary Hensel Jr., Dustin Rager dns
Heat   3   Greg Thompson, Chris Priebe, Michael Workman, Mitch Reichard, Kevin Markey, Lester Berry, Brad Workman, Billy Parsons
Feature   Michael Workman, Jerry Adkins, Greg Thompson, Nova Martin, Kevin Markey, Wes Staley, Trae Schonauer, Casey Butler, Mitch Reichard, Caleb Spencer, Lester Berry, John Mackey, Neal Wert, Doug Hensel, Jim Burns, Gary Hensel Jr., Chris Priebe, Rick Bays, Stephen Crowe, Elliot Robinson, Brad Workman, David Keagy dns, Dustin Rager dns, Billy Parsons dns
Heat   1   Steve Reed, Dan Delaney, Chuck Conway, Jamie Johnson, Jason King, Ethan Delaney, Ryan Boak, Zach Myers, Justin Chance, Scott Delaney dns
Feature   Scott Delaney, Jamie Johnson, Dan Delaney, Chuck Conway, Jason King, Zach Myers, Ethan Delaney, Ryan Boak, Justin Chance, Steve Reed
Heat   1   Billy Dawson, Donnie Danley, Braxton Wilson, Evan Large, Logan Duncan, Brooklyn Wilson, Connor Hess, Austin Pyle, Jolene Voshel, Reese Bollinger
Feature   Billy Dawson, Donnie Danley, Braxton Wilson, Logan Duncan, Brooklyn Wilson, Reese Bollinger, Jolene Voshel, Evan Large, Connor Hess, Austin Pyle

Results 8-15-15

Written by Mike Swanger.

Orrville, Ohio
Saturday, August 15, 2015
By Mike Swanger
Although all the feature winners had won this year at Wayne County Speedway, they had to earn their wins on Hall’s Auto Sales night to collect the winner’s purse plus the Contingency Connection’s awards for the night. Jordan Harble and Clay Riney opened the Fisher Performance sprint feature on the front row with Harble grabbing the lead at the start. Shawn Hubler spun in turn three to bring out the first caution on lap three as Sam Ashworth went to the pits to change a flat tire and return. One more lap got recorded before Riney smacks the wall in turn 2 as he was in second ending his night. On the restart, Jamie Myers would make a move on Harble for the lead that would lead to Harble getting into the turn two guardrail and flipping over to bring out the red flag. He would walk away from the wreck ok. Danny Mumaw, who started 8th and blasted past Mitch Harble and Brad Haudenschild on lap two, was in second behind Myers and as the race went green again, would do a power slide on Myers going into turn one to take the lead with Haudenschild getting by Myers on lap seven. Mumaw would open up a good size lead on Haudenschild but his run at a win came to an abrupt stop in turn one on lap 11 as his machine stopped with rear end problems. This would put the Kempthorn Automall, Fire & Ice Pub and J & J Racing #38k of Haudenschild into the lead and the Wooster driver sped to his sixth win of the year. Last week’s winner, Mitch Harble passed Myers on lap 17 to take home second with Myers getting his season best finish of third while Beau Stewart also had a season best finish of fourth at WCS while Ashworth came back for fifth. Haudenschild and Jordan Ryan topped the heats.
  Looking for his first Lias Tire Super Late Model win of the year, heat winner Ryan Markham jumped into the lead from his pole position with  Larry Bellman, Brad Malcuit and Wooster’s Doug Drown chasing, Malcuit would move to second on lap two while Drown dropped Bellman to fourth on the next circuit. Drown would pull into second on lap seven and as Markham ran the high groove and Drown the low side, Drown closed in. As the pair went down the backstretch on lap 12, Markham was slowed just a bit by a slower car and Drown edged past for the lead. Markham would storm back and was able to pull alongside Drown as they came out of turn four on lap 17. As Markham worked to get the lead back, he would smack hard into the front stretch wall at the five to go mark to end his race. Driving the Hall’s Auto Sales, Car Konnection and Wooster Glass #240, Drown would drive away from the field in the last four laps to record his 8th win at WCS. Malcuit collected second place as Cody Scott finished with his season best of third. First time visitor Lauren Longbrake was fourth as Bellman took fifth.
  Chase Alexander set the early pace of the Aamco Transmission Super Stock feature as points leader Nick Smith was second from their front row starting spots. Miamisburg’s Brandon Gardner would make it a three car battle early on as the threesome would be within a car length of each other. Using the high groove, Gardner would take second from Smith on lap six and then on the next lap, pull past Alexander for the lead. Alexander’s ride would come to a stop in turn four on lap 8 and could not continue. In the final five laps, Smith pressured Gardner for the lead as Paul Holmes, Don Baney and Tyler Thompson battled for third. Gardner and his Schaffer Racing Oil, RDL, and Rowtec #27g would hold off Smith by a car length to score his second win of the season at WCS and his 104th career win. Smith finished second for the sixth time to go with his 5 wins in 11 races at WCS. Holmes, last weeks winner, was third as Baney and Thompson filled out the top five. Heat winners were Gardner and Holmes.
  Points leader Charlie Duncan led the Harriger Towing Rush Late Models at the drop of the green with Brandon Gardner right behind as Justin Chance and Ashland’s Ryan Markham dueled for third. Markham would secure third place on lap four and then take second from Gardner on the next circuit. A caution flag for a stopped Jim Nicely on lap seven would put the cars in double file restart alignment with Duncan to the inside and Markham to the outside. The two would stay side by side in turns one and two but Markham and his H & T Demolition, Cool-It Thermotec and Rocket Chassis #5m would out drag race heat winner Duncan down the back stretch to take the lead and then held off Duncan the rest of the way to post his second win of the season. Chance ended up third with Jamie Wrightsman in fourth as Gardner finishing fifth.
  Directional Hydraulics sponsored the winners share of $300 for the WQKT Mini Stock main with Billy Parsons piloting into the early lead with Mitch Reichard, Gary Hensel Jr and 4 time winner Michael Workman in close pursuit. Workman would squeeze into second on lap three as Brad Hensel moved into the picture on lap five. Chris Priebe would bring out the yellow on lap eight and on the double file restart, Workman edged into the lead with Parsons, Hensel and Hensel Jr. all within a car length. Parsons pulled his car off with four laps to go as Workman and his Shreve based  JD Trucking and S&M Motorsports #41w held off last weeks winner Brad Hensel to score his fifth victory of the season. Hensel Jr., Colton Priebe and Reichard rounded out the top five. Hensel Jr. and Parsons were the best in the heats.
  Jamie Johnson led all the way in the Flat Track Cart feature to put the RJR Racing and Double T Speedway #33 in victory lane for the second week in a row and third time this year. Steve Reed, Chuck Conway, Zach Myers and Daryl Conkle followed. Johnson also won the heat.
  For the second week in a row, Billy Dawson swept the races in the Mini Wedges as the Lakeville youngster put the Billy B Enterprises, Harriger Towing and DJ Directional Services #7b into victory circle for the sixth time. Jolene Voshel was second followed by Caitlin Johnson, Connor Hess and Logan Duncan.
  Next Saturday night, August 22 at Wayne County Speedway, the final race of this years Wayne County Speedway/Attica Raceway Park Super Late Model Series is set and there will be a $1,000 bonus for anyone who can beat Doug Drown on Saturday as that will go with the $1500 to win race. The Aamco Transmission Super Stocks will have a $1,000 to win feature also. Plus the Fisher Performance Sprints, the Harriger Towing Rush Late Models, the WQKT Mini Stocks and the Carts and Wedges all on the racing card.
  Check the website at www.waynecountyspeedway.com for more information.
Saturday, August 15, 2015
Heat   1   Brad Haudenschild, Jordan Harble, Mitch Harble, Shawn Minor, Troy Kingan, Jeremy Shambaugh, Nick Patterson
Heat   2   Jordan Ryan, Clay Riney, Jamie Myers, Danny Mumaw, Beau Stewart, Sam Ashworth
Feature   Brad Haudenschild, Mitch Harble, Jamie Myers, Beau Stewart, Sam Ashworth, Nick Patterson, Shawn Hubler, Troy Kingan, Jeremy Shambaugh, Danny Mumaw, Jordan Ryan, Jordan Harble, Clay Riney
Heat   1   Ryan Markham, Doug Drown, Larry Bellman, Brad Malcuit, Lauren Longbrake, Cody Scott, Jerry Aber, Randy Davis, Scott Smith, Ashley Todd, Ricky Holderbaum
Feature   Doug Drown, Brad Malcuit, Cody Scott, Lauren Longbrake, Larry Bellman, Jerry Aber, Randy Davis, Ryan Markham, Scott Smith, Ashley Todd, Ricky Holderbaum
Heat   1   Brandon Gardner, Chase Alexander, Don Baney, Tyler Thompson, Tyler Nicely, Gary Hensel Jr., Jim Nicely, TA Perrine
Heat   2   Paul Holmes, Frank Oriti, Nick Smith, Ryan Leathers, Paul Kern, Dennis Amstutz, Steve Ott, Chris Albright
Feature   Brandon Gardner, Nick Smith, Paul Holmes, Don Baney, Tyler Thompson, Frank Oriti, Tyler Nicely, Dennis Amstutz, Chris Albright, Steve Ott, Gary Hensel Jr., Chase Alexander, Jim Nicely, Paul Kern, Ryan Leathers, TA Perrine dns
Heat   1   Charlie Duncan, Ryan Markham, Brandon Gardner, Justin Chance, Jim Nicely, Jamie Wrightsman, Hiram Bachmann
Feature   Ryan Markham, Charlie Duncan, Justin Chance, Jamie Wrightsman, Brandon Gardner, Hiram Bachmann, Jim Nicely
Heat   1   Gary Hensel Jr., Mitch Reichard, Colton Priebe, Jim Burns, Brad Hensel, Doug Hensel, Stephen Crowe
Heat   2   Billy Parsons, Michael Workman, Jordan James, Wes Staley, Chris Priebe, Rick Bays, David Keagy
Feature   Michael Workman, Brad Hensel, Gary Hensel Jr., Colton Priebe, Mitch Reichard, Stephen Crowe, David Keagy, Billy Parsons, Chris Priebe, Wes Staley, Jim Burns, Doug Hensel, Jordan James, Rick Bays dns
Heat   1   Jamie Johnson, Chuck Conway, Zach Myers, Daryl Conkle, Tim Myers, Brandon Gardner, Steve Reed, Buster Johnson
Feature   Jamie Johnson, Steve Reed, Chuck Conway, Zach Myers, Daryl Conkle, Tim Myers, Brandon Gardner, Buster Johnson
Heat   1   Billy Dawson, Logan Duncan, Caitlin Johnson, Connor Hess, Jolene Voshel
Feature   Billy Dawson, Jolene Voshel, Caitlin Johnson, Connor Hess, Logan Duncan

Track Information


1083 North Carr Road

Orrville, Ohio 44667


209 Pine Street
Creston, Ohio 44217


Track Phone: (330) 465-2365